Matrix II’s or hypertruck

I’m planning a build mainly for streets using a kaly deck probably will focus on torque but I was wondering if my top end is going to be around 35 mph what would be the better setup. Which one turns better? I know channel trucks aren’t the best for racing but until I recover from this build I won’t really be able to create something with 3 links so which one would be better for racing on shorter tracks like stuff like intro to speed?

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those trucks use a similar bushing set up, but since the MBS trucks have a shorter wheel base, my guess, with something like yellow or white bushings turning would be better with MBS

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Ya that’s kinda what i was gathering but this build is basically gonna be a love child build and I see that so far all of them use hyper trucks and I was wondering for my purpose could I get away with making mine with matrix II’s

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i think you definitely can

with Matrix II, does body weight determine which version to get? (i.e MBS metal vs MBS regular Matrix II’s - i understand the latter have plastic baseplates). Maybe if your light you can get away with the (cheaper) regular ones.

I am a very light rider but I think it’s less about the weight of the ride but more about the torque

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i gather you mean that for a torqu-ey setup you need stability, which the all-metal ones are more suitable for?

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Ya like the force that gets put on the rubber ones with motors snap because they are not made to have that kind of force from that angle put on them sorry if I’m confusing you more then helping…

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No, the nylon ones are just cheaper, lighter, and objectively worse for our purposes. Weight reduction is good if you’re doing jumps and short tracks on a regular mountainboard, but you want durability for offroad trail riding and long distance cruising, which doesn’t happen often with analog boards due to the need for hills. It’s not really a matter of if they will crack, but when. Functionally there’s no difference between the plastic and metal ones.


Thanks dude

I would try and ride both sets of trucks and make a decision on that.
I was in the same exact boat and was leaning towards the matrix2s, but after riding hypertrucks, I fell in love.
Indigo love child is my build


Oof another probe,m is there like 4x the matrix II’s. I am not sure when I would be able to test them out due to covid but may have to find someone in Seattle who would be down to do some group ride or something…

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Also what are all the options out there for gear drives on the hyper trucks?

Also I know I know I’m Spamming my own post but I forgot to reply to you directly

Currently you have lacroix falcon drives and 3dservisas finality drives.

Moon was designing a clamp hasn’t been produced for sell yet.

Group rides - there are like 3 who go to them.
2 are frequent in seattle. One is actually about to go night riding all around the city.

Fyi for the cost of the hyper trucks your getting everything but a motor and motor pulley.

In another thread there was talks that they weren’t going to dept the trucks yet but may package them with falcon drives as an option.

If your itching to ride start with the matrix2 then upgrade later


Get some @moon trucks they come with free assembled 4gears gear drive


I emailed lacroix to see if the price would go down if I didn’t need everything there but I doubt it. If I do go with the hyper trucks I’m gonna get the shorter front axels from land surf. I think I will probably not m2 for the start like you recommend unless anyone thinks I should def go hyper trucks.

He had the same idea lol. I asked @Skyart and he said they’re great but the turning isn’t as good at turning and turning is really important to me


Shots fired :scream:

Seriously tho, I dont have experience with them and I just suggested those because moon is my guru…