Matrix II’s or hypertruck

My English failed I meant they don’t turn as well as channels

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Umm :face_with_monocle: aren’t the hyper trucks considered a channel truck design?


Dont worry, let’s just blame @Skyart

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Im saying the moon trucks don’t turn as well as channels coming from @Skyart


Well they are wide. Bushing setups help. Same scenario with hyper trucks.

My vote is you just buy what you can afford and start riding. Get your own personal perspective on what stuff you want to try then upgrade.

If you look at sykarts activity dudes gone thru so many different builds.


@CiscoV used to say that hypertrucks were sketchy at speed if I am not mistaken metal baseplates for mbs matrix 2 and 3d servisas 320 hangers were his last set up of choice


I’m currently riding these. I like them.
I tried riding a friend’s lonestar for a bit. I like those too. But prefer what doesn’t hurt the wallet as bad :sob:

There is many reasons for this, one of them is that they are freaking 350mm wide lol…widest truck ever…but super stable, way more stable then any chanel truck I’ve ever riden. Pros and cons to both. Just gotta pick what you want


Ya I’m not saying there bad I’m just saying having good turning is important to me so they may not be my thing but who knows

Gonna probably follow this thx for the help I think I will go m2

Build name is going to be either runtchild or scrawnychild

Baseplate angle setup plays a role. I’ve said that my trucks are easier to turn than m2s in the past


That right there☝🏼
Some say I sucked at riding and that’s why I couldn’t tame hypertrucks but I call that bullshit lol

One thing thou. Hypertucks are great for carving at low speeds Just my opinion :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hypercarving at 5mph all day long :sunglasses:

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Hahah. There ya go :rofl:.

For the purpose of turning, you can consider channel trucks to be the same as RKP with positive rake.
What will affect turning is wheelbase and baseplate angle.
RKP will pretty much always carve better since the bushings position will resist leaning a lot less.

I’m not sure why channel trucks are even used for street builds, they only make sense for offroading with a lunchbox and bindings :nerd_face:

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I don’t care for carving I care about being stable but still having good turning. I have a board for dkp for carving and I do see that channels are really meant for off roading yet lots of people are using m2’s and seem to like them in there carvers. I might end up go m2 and the. Buying some @moon trucks with moon gear drives as a second setup and see how it feels.


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opinions vary. . IMO hypertrucks are only marginally better.

they have 6 bushing choices, vs MBS 3. so more refined tuning is possible. They are wider and that’s a plus or a minus for different people.

the hypertrucks are super finicky to tune. to much preload on the bushings and everythign gets too bouncy. ( same on MBS but less easy to do ) The wider truck means more leverage the unsprung weight has on the bushings so it’s more sensitive. I find they are either unstable at speeds above 30mph or too stiff and not fun to ride… but that’s. mostly true of all trucks … that’s the problem with any pivot steering geometry. :smiley: just a tad more finicky to get the balance with the hypertrucks.

the MBS matrix IIs also get sloppy with the kingpin nut coming loose all the time ( replace the nyloc nut till you have one that stays put. check it frequently ) watch out for the binding problem of the washer binding on the shoulder of the kingpin (shoulder bolt) makes it feel tight on the wrench but actually has lateral play in the truck. squeezing the top truck together against the hanger via the kingpin and nut eliminates that dangerous play there. On the other hand the precision of the hypertruck hanger makes this slightly less of an issue.

I don’t think you would regret either choice. unless you don’t have the money for the hypertrucks and are overextending yourself.

Eliminating play between the kingpin and the flange bushings, the flange bushings and the hangar, and the flange bushings/hanger and the top truck are where all the goodness of channel trucks comes from IMO.

@DEEIF why’d you tag me into this. dern you!! :smiley: … so hard to expres all the nuance… and probably not worth it. :smiley: