Mark One Boards Build & Design progress [serious]

Hi all,

Since we have been working alot on this project and we are now almost entering the testingphase I would like to share our current progress with our upcoming MK1 DIY Kit.

First lets list the parts that will be part off this build:

1 x MK1 Kevlar/Carbon Deck with built-in battery enclosure (magnetic lid) (In progress)

The core of the deck will be a closed celstructure foam with 2 Bamboo reïnforcements running of the whole length of the deck (Bamboo 100 x 980 x 3mm)
The skin will be comprised out of 3 layers kevlar/carbon fiber 210gr/m2 Aero quality

1 x Remote Control Flipsky VX2 OLED with wristwrap + UART receiver

4 x Bergmeister 147mm wheels + 4 x Bergmeister hubs + 8 x NSK 608 Bearings
Thanks to @haggyboard.timo

We were looking for the right wheels and tires for a long time but after carefull deliberation we are happy with our choice of the Bergmeisters.

2 x Boardnamics precision 220mm hangers stealth edition
Thanks to @Boardnamics

2 x Boardnamics Motor Mount with Idler Tensioner

2 x Caliber or Paris baseplates (can be chosen)

4 x Riptide Krankz (or WFB) bushings with choice of hardness (still need to decide after testing)

2 x Riptide pivot cups

2 x Riptide tunnel risers (with color choice)

2 x 15T steel motorpulleys 8mm

2 x 55T wheelpulleys for Bergmeister wheels

2 x HTD5-15mm Belt

2 x Flipsky sensored 6374 190kv 3250W brushless motors with 8mm shaft

1 x 12S5P Battery with Samsung 30Q cells and integrated BMS 80A (in Progress)

1 x Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Pro Plus 100A single 200A Dual

This will become a Plug & Play Kit for our customers after we have done an extensive testing (minimum 750km going through several charges).

What are we doing now:

  • creation of the user manual
  • sorting out the packaging
  • Battery regulations
  • looking for a decent charger for this kit

I am aware that regarding parts there is alot going around and personal choices may be different for some people here.
We also have to keep in mind the pricing of the parts (with margin) and delivery times for our customers.

So if you prefer other parts above this build thats fine, if you have positive input please dont hesitate to let us know and we can look into it.

Pictures coming soon and I will keep this thread updated with our next steps


I would be careful here.

Those sharp nickel edges could easily short on those balance wires.


Good observation, will adjust that @Sender


So just to let you guys know we are also working on another deck with dropdown

This deck will be 40" by 10"
when we have the shape 100% how we want it we will start looking into battery enclosures for it.

In the meantime the kevlar deck is also being worked on, we are now looking into the best ways to get the battery installed as safely as possible.


Now just finding an enclosure :stuck_out_tongue:




Heads up. The combination of drop down + kinda short nose/tail usually makes it hard/ impossible to mount motors forward. Nothing wrong with rear mounting but it’s good to know. Oh And it can cause issues with pneumatic tires.
Be sure to test multiple combinations of setups so you know what the deck is capable of.
I like the shape tho.


Yeah valid points, I like this deck shape, looks cool and has the extra foot width.

With all normal wheels I would expect it to be fine

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We will also have the kevlar deck which does not have a dropdown design.

Personally I love the dropdown decks, for those who want to mount the motors inward there is the other option.

After these 2 designs another one will come where inward and outward motormounting will be possible.

I am now looking into thermoforming myself so the decks have a readily available enclosure (except for the kevlar one since thats with built-in enclosure)

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Hey guys,

So as seen before we are also working on a dropdown design deck 40" by 10"

Now the first deck we made by hand to get the measurements correct and the concave shape how we wanted it.

We are very pleased with how the shape and concave turned out.

I would like to hear if there is interest in starting a group buy since we can get them made per 10.

The deck comes in size 40" by 10" is made out of 10 layers Canadian Maple.
For the GB the decks will be predrilled for old school and new school type trucks.

The decks will be clear Canadian Maple without any varnish or paint so you basically do the finishing how you want.

If we can get a succesful GB going for this batch then for the next batches we will offer them in 2 variants:

- Clear wood, no finish
- Skinned in carbon fiber

Price per deck (clear wood) without shipping: €84.95 “price edited to correct price” (shipping will be calculated based upon buyers country)

We need 10 decks to get this going, but I think with this price that won’t be a problem.

Note: I will let the decks come to me first and then dispatch them to everyone who ordered
(so it may take some time).

Note: For buyers outside of EU keep in mind we ship from Belgium

Only respond if you have interest in this GB, this is not a discussion post, merely a check for feasability.

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Make sure that the remote is thoroughly tested for a stable signal if you are having a carbon fiber lid. Carbon Fiber can block the signal


Yes already been working on that.

I think you need to do a group buy when you get enclosures sorted, everyone loves enclosures

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Indeed right now we are looking to get enclosures made for our decks, this was more like a post to see if there was any interest in this shape of deck.

I think i speak for a few people when I say the deck is interesting but there are a lot of interesting decks, what there isnt a lot of is interesting decks with affordable enclosures made to suit


Thats exactly right and the reason why I am really looking hard for someone to create a fitting enclosure.

You have to be a regular member for a group buy


Do you have an idea of the enclosure you’ll be making with it?
For what battery and dimensions and all

Thats what Skunk just pm’ed me, and for the reall Gb i will indeed wait untill I achieve “regular” status and by then i hope to have found the right enclosure.

Like stated in the last line this post was to see if when i decide to open a Gb there would be people interested.

If you’re taking names put me down for 1 deck + enclosure I see myself running some small pneumatics o n this deck

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