Maribyrnong Cruiser | BN220 or BN270 rkp | 12s4p p42a | Maker-x d60 | Eovan 105 / MBS 6” | IDEA + brackets| BN mount | flipsky vx4 | Eboosted

Edit: final final build

Edit: final build

I gave up looking for an off the shelf board with quality parts, flex and rkp and decided to go DIY. I wanted something to replace my gtr but with proven serviceable parts and more stable than dkp. This board will fit in-between my Haydiywiin 12s8p and Restoke 12s2p. Thanks to FSE for my key parts! Board is named after the river where it will cruise on my regular river run. Aim is to possibly use for underground racing if needed.

So far:
Bn220 rkp with riptide bushings
Makerx d60 - in transit
Glyphiks and full send electric p42a 12s4p @glyphiks @Full-send
Eboosted standard single stack mk2 enclosure
Eovan 115 rubber wheels
Bn 40t Kegel pulley also 48t if needed
Flipsky 6368 battle hardened
Bn xl precision mounts
MBS Atom board 40’ ?
Makerx bt
Hoyt puck
Sp12 charger port

Still to do:
Esc, Hoyt receiver, hole repair and cleanup and final locktight work. Shaving back of board where motors touch board slightly on extreme turns.

Future plans are for a better quality deck swap, this deck was a cheap option

Current work in progress:
A new special board and brackets are on order! Going to be next level and allow some flex. Really can’t understand why everyone is so happy to opt for rigid boards, I know after 15km on my short board my legs are dead where as I can do 50km on my mountain board non stop which has flex.
Awaiting re-drilling of my back hanger to 10mm.
MBS and evolve 6 inches awaiting 28-10 and 28-8 bearings as my AT option. I have 72t mbs pulleys for them just last week.
New set of inserts on route also.


Everything is completed.
D60 installed and no pops or fires nor unable to detect sensors. Took it for its maiden voyage and limped home on one motor as my pulley loctite didn’t hold.
She’s very smooth on good pavement, handling and carving with rkp is next level. It sits quite low with 115 and I’ve already hit mount motor and bolt head from mount. I think I might migrate to 155 evolve wheels in time or something with more height from axel. Still in meanwhile it’s really quiet and smooth, not powerful yet until I tune my amps and make sure nothing is loose. Would be a great racer in current form.

Update: completed some tuning. 90 amps a side for motors and 50 amps battery. The power with current ramping is very linear and board wants to blast off post 40kmh. The handling is really awesome with bn split angles, it almost feels like rear wheel steering its so different from my other boards. Motors are almost silent unlike 6374 which whine. Really loving this board, its now my favourite to ride.


Sweet build!

You can just put griptape on the motors and the job is done :rofl:

If the motors try to touch the deck, the deck will simply move out the way



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Love that lateral thought! Might also shoot out a plume of wood smoke as I fly down the road.

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It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened

It actually works really well

On a @DuckBatterySystems pcb kit! Makes for a super clean and easy build!



Seems around 36km range by my estimates. Battery build is next level :slight_smile:

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That’s excellent :partying_face:

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8mm axels have no place in esk8. I’m wondering if even 10mm will do.

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Will send you new ones on Monday

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Thanks @glyphiks i’ll drop you a call to discuss before you send :). Appreciated.

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Replacement 8mm bent also, just not up to the task and I got nipped on the calf during my test ride by a fast Italian greyhound… double bummer day. I thought for a second about racing him but damn that dog was fast :). Better my calf then someone’s kid.

Damn nice to have support of @glyphiks and full send electric. I’ve got 10mm axels now for the rear so handed over he bn220 hangers for some reaming out from my partners work. Let’s see how that goes :). 8mm was never going to work.

Also been looking at upgrading my board but I need to try them out, maybe a demonseed or Bustin 42 or ibach 40 who the hell knows. I need some kind of small flex.

Attempting to try and use my mbs rockstars with evolve 150s but the axel bearing for the 8mm front is doing my head in. 10mm back will be okay as I’ve ordered 28x10x8 bearings.

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Wont be going for a river run today.

Man, shit got real out there today!

Just unreal!I have to watch many times to understand the path I run is under meters of water for the entire length. The goes my fun for quite some time as I’m sure the path will be damaged, still lucky to be on higher ground and really feel for those people who lost homes and cars etc. You can see the giant budda in my background pics is now in the middle of a lake.

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I went for spin down the river trail on my mountainboard and got as far as racecourse road underpass before i gave up plowing thru mud on the path. Ended up with a 1 hour wash down of board to remove toxic swamp smell for all my efforts. There is serious cleanup needed.

Testing out with bn270 and mbs rockstars