Making a safer battery

Hi, would love some impute on my battery. I posted my soldering earlier here I since refined it a bit and got my battery spot welded together.
I have since read some more topics on this forum and web research, Including some cases of fire, which lead me to putting the whole project on ice for a while. I have the whole thing warped in a fire retardant blanker stuffed in a steel toolbox in the trunk of my car for a month now, as I don’t feel comfortable having it in my apartment.
I have a few questions:

  1. Is the foam between the 5s packs enough of a insulation (mechanically and thermally speaking)? I wrapped each individual 5s group in kapton tape, than put this foam material(aprox. 3mm) thick in between. Sorry don’t know what exactly it is. I got paranoid later and added a layer of fish paper too.

  1. I routed the balance wires neatly and put a lot of fish paper underneath and even some strips over the wires where a possibility of rubbing could occur.
    I bought some natural cure silicone. How much safer would it be if i put it over the balance wires and maybe over the serial connections and over the exposed nickel?

  1. I am thinking of swapping my Daly bms for a smart one from LLT with BT.
    Does anyone know if the balance JST connectors are interchangeable on all 10s BMSs? And how much of an improvement would it actually be? If I run the BMS for charge only, how many of the features of the smart bms can I actually use?

I now know that the design isn’t the safest. I would have done a few things different now. But I would like to make it as safe as possible without redoing the whole thing. I am also planing to make the enclosure 2 part so i can take of the battery with the bms(safely enclosed in the enclosure) for safe storage and charging. I live in an small apartment on the 4th floor so I don’t have the place for one of those fire proof boxes big enough to fit my whole board. The plan is to store the battery on my closed of balcony at least for now. In summertime it gets pretty hot tho so will have to come up with a different solution for that.

this thread is a good way to start, experts in there will be able to provide guidance

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