MakerX GO-FOC Retro dual drive ESC

We accept orders now. Will ship in about 15 days.

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There will be a big price reduction 3 days before Christmas, so stay tuned!~~~~~~


@YUTW123 I have a question, 4.12 decoupling capacitor is 3x 220uf each. This new dual 4.12 only have 2x 330uf will it be enough to protect it? Some1 in forum even add their own 6x3300uf decoupling capacitor bank.

Also added 12 high-frequency ceramic capacitor on the back. In our tests, they are enough.

I’ll quote Ben himself then; “the 4.12 is an inferior design that never really proved to be 100% reliable, I still dont understand why people make new hw copies when the vesc6 is so much better, all you have to do yourself is the layout” :person_shrugging:


Yeah I got worried, making duals with 4.12. Only a few have been reliable at 12s or FOC.

Component cost is quite a bit more, right?

Not really. 90 bucks.

$90 for hw6 components? That dual 4.12 is $90 with profit built in. The neoboxes are coming in with a $30-40 difference. So maybe 30-50% difference?

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Im talking 1xesc. Bulk prices are different, 4.12 is around 65 bucks


In fact, Vesc4 (two-phase detection) can fully meet the requirements of electric skateboards.

Depends. Fried more drvs than i can count. If you run conservative settings and dont ride agressive, maybe. Else I respectfully dissagree


4.12 keep erpm way below 60k dont push the current to the limit i think should be fine.

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iirc, focbox and unity are based on 4.x
And they are one of the most reliable esc’s unless you go way up in price


Just received my Go-FOC retro today. Looks pretty nice. Will be switching out the bullet connectors to mr-60 and the power to XT-90.

Very well packaged and comes with all the accessories you need. It’s definitely a bit bigger than the DV4 but really not too much bigger. Doesn’t come with the heatsink by default.

For those curious about shipping time, I ordered on June 3rd.


Hi, did you have to pay for shipping? In the web says sipping its free but when i go pay i have to click a 20 dollars dhl shipping (to spain) Thanks in advance !!

Hmmm I didn’t but I am also in the US so maybe Spain is is different

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I beleive with the current world situation he has moved over to DHL for shipping, so that items can get to people very fast, IMO the small charge is definetly worth the fast shipping

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Yeah can confirm that DHL seem to be doing just fine considering.

@ShutterShock so how goes it? I might be needing a new ESC since the Unity might be out of commission

The Go-FOC Retro is going into my SR-71 Bluebird build and this is the current state of the battery for that build.

You can sneak a tiny glimpse of the ESC sitting there on the keyboard - it hasn’t been operated yet. Still waiting on enclosure from bigben, and I need to finish the battery.

In other news, my Makerx dv4 has had zero issues so far, running at conservative settings.

This build will have a 12s7p battery running the GoFoc pretty much at it’s limit so I’ll report back once it’s all put together.