Madrid | 10s4p Samsung 30q | Caliber II | 2 x Flipsky 6354 190kv | Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6

My first build. Not complete yet, but already riding it with some duck tape. Took me a looong time to figure out what to build, what parts to order and where to order. For that reason I will share few links.
The minimum requirement is that I should be able to ride to work and back, 5.5km in one direction. But anything above 25km range is great.

Madrid from same skateshop final sale. My first and only longboard.

2 x Flipsky 6354 190KV 2450W

Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6

Flipsky bluetooth module


Charge only


My wife’s M365pro charger

Motor mounts
Not so happy with these
Updated to whooshboars mounts

Pulleys and belts
12T motor, 36T wheel, and 5M250 12mm belt

Caliber II 184MM 50° in great colors
Changed back baseplate to 44°

Samsung 30q 3000mAh batteries
10s4p from 5 x 2s4p modules.
XT60 connectors for connecting modules in series.
JST balance wire connectors.
3D printed holders by @Winfly.
Flat tinned copper braid 6 mm2 (10 mm wide x 1 mm thick) 63 Amp from

Battery was the hardest part. I almoust bought a spot welder but then I realized that I will probably mess up something first time and decided to go without welding. Later I had one P group out of balance and I was so happy that I could just pull out connecors and discharge that group manually to the same level as other groups. On down side my board is small and this takes a lot of space. Plus I am woried about balance cables that might get damaged from vibrations.

XT90S Loopkey.

Fuse on B- Auto fuse midiOTO 100A 58VDC
Charging fuse still not added.

Case is some few eur flower pot plate attached with duck tape. It almost fits. Something like this just few cm smaller.


  • Charging fuse. Done
  • Secure motor mounts better or change them. Original pointy set screws dug holes my trucks and then started moving. Replaced 3 of 4 but the last one is stucked and destroyed. My belts are eaten by wheels a bit but still ok. Done
  • Make an enclosure. 3d print to use most of the narrow part of board + flower pot?
  • Check Vesc settings. First few rides I had to big current limits for my battery, but no damage. I think. Done
  • Split truck angles.. Done
  • Mod GT2B remote to something smaller?
  • use some fishpaper around P groups? Shrink wrap batteries.

And few more images from the process:

Battery, esc, bms schema

Some cushioning layers

Battery building

Pro tip: Look at few how to solder videos with wife to get some helping hands!


Good going! I just wouldn’t trust my life on your chosen enclosure fasteners, especially as it’s going over the deck where you stand on it and it gets abraded by grip tape.

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:heart: :heart: :heart:


Actually that’s literal gold, why did I even buy helping hands?


I used way more duct-tape for my first build, and would swap it every 2 weeks because that’s when it started looking like it was gonna tear any day.

Use a ton of red loctite, and tighten them really hard so that they dig in well. Then, if the mounts aren’t straight, use some washers between the motor and the mount plate to align the belt better. Or get some whooshboards mounts. Expensive, but they are worth it :+1:

You can buy some angled risers (cheapest solution). I recommend harder ones if you plan to go fast.

I know you’re on a budget, so my word of advice would be to save up money for your 2nd build and use high class parts from the get-go, rather than spending time & money improving this one. Not saying your board is bad (in fact I quite like how it looks), but assuming you caught the DIY esk8 bug, you will probably want something better after a few months :smiley:


Thanks for all the tips. Whooshboard mounts with cross bar are exactly what I want. I only have a small problem of not being able to remove one mount anymore with destroyed set screw. I do have a dremmel though. But to use the most of these summer days in Stockholm I will for sure add more tape to keep riding while I work on a real casing.


Finally My Madrid board gets the proper mounts! And 50 / 44 split angles. But first it took few days to remove the motor pulleys. The remover I got was to big to grab the pulley, but grabing the mount to pull worked.

Then the whooshboards crossbars were to wide for standard 184 caliber trucks with dual 6355. And nothing feels as good as dremmeling new parts.

Here they are.

And first test ride.

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Very nice first build !
How was your experience with the winfly compression module ?

@Balta_6 I am super happy with winfly compression modules. No issues so far. It only takes a bit more space. I will probably use it with 21700 batteries in my second build as well.

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