Arbor 40" with 150mm evolve pneumatics. Started my second build.

After my first build that serves me great I want something that can go a bit off road. Not roots ‘n’ rocks off road. Just park paths where my wife can ride her Mi scooter and I find hard to follow with thane 97mm wheels. Mostly city riding.

What I love about my first build is that it is just 8.5kg, have similar range as Mi scooter, goes uphill easily (I am 80kg), and can go faster than I am comfortable. Some scientific specs :wink:

Few things I have or waiting to be delivered and for few things I am still not sure what to choose.


Arbor 40". Gift from my wife.


Evolve hubs and Evolve 150mm pneumatics.


Whoosboards mounts for Caliber style trucks – Dual setup


Green basics trough saucer 60cm
Maybe temporary but it just fits so good and it’s so cheap. I actually overpayed it in local store. Almost 9€.


FatBoy Solid CNC Machined Hanger for Caliber II Baseplate


Caliber II baseplates 50/44


66T Evolve wheel pulley
?? 20T motor pulley


?? 2 x Flipsky Battle Hardened 6354 140KV 2450W 540g
?? 8mm round short shaft
?? 8mm round long shaft
?? 10mm D-shaft

?? 2 x Flipsky Battle Hardened 6374 3500W 980g
?? 140KV
?? 190KV
?? 8mm round shaft
?? 10mm D-shaft


Samsung 30Q with printed holders which take a lot of precious space
?? 10s5p
?? 12s4p if enough space?
?? 10s6p if enough space?


Charge only
?? Daly


?? Thumb control


GO-FOC DV6 3-12S dual 100A

Any tip appreciated.

*Flipsky ESC, motors, and bluetooth served me well so far.


Go bn270
You might get wheel bite I think with my axis with TB218 on 6x2clevers my back foot was right on the wheels

Definitely bang for your buck :call_me_hand:

I was really hoping that 220mm are wide enough with this board and wheels combination. 270mm just looks too wide. Is there such a thing as too wide? Getting 220mm from @Anubis while they are still in stock seemed like a nice option since I am in Sweden. And how about 230mm or 240mm FatBoy hangers? Price is holding me back from those but I might consider it.

The only reason why I am considering 6454 is because pair of those is almost 1 kg lighter (980g x 2 - 540g x 2 = 880g).

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You can try 220 :thinking: or you can do 270 in the back and
220 up front or maybe @mackann has some old stuff laying around :star_struck: he’s the El jefe DUDE of esk8 in Sweden :call_me_hand: good luck watching this thread
(3dser stuff is the best in the market but you need gears he doesn’t make clamps :cry: for belt drive motors)

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Decided to risk and try to fit Whooshboards mounts on Fatboy 230mm. Updated post images with new parts.

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Motor mounts arrived both for this one and my old build :slight_smile:

It seems that caliber clamps have a pretty good grip on Fatboy hanger. Nothing moves. I might try to add some extra support on the curved side though.


Looking good :star_struck:
love the raw fat boys can’t wait to see it all mounted up on the board :call_me_hand:

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Curious why you didn’t do drop through, did you have wheel bite?

Might just be my bias towards drop through haha

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On my axis my back foot was right on the tires kind scary but I love it low my next lowrider

My hummie


Oooof love the look of TB110s but don’t like thanes :rofl:

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I am still gathering parts so not much decisions are made yet. So I might go drop through. I just wanted to see the board with wheels mounted. But I should mount drop through to test wheel bite. Currently busy trying to remove old motor mounts and motor pulleys from my first build.


Which enclosure is that?

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Which one the sportster is from Bustin it’s abs having issues trying to put my10s4p it’ll fit I just have to get a smaller BMS


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And the hummie is kydex from John @hummieee

I really like how it molds to the board Don’t know on longevity yet but really like Kydex for the money
But the best is fiberglass I would hit up @BigBen he might have something that will fit
I know the axis Is pretty flat with a little bit of (concave)arch on each side so it shouldn’t be that hard to find a enclosure just measure to make sure


Yes if it works you’ll like it :sunglasses:
Plus I feel more control when I’m in drop through mode
I AM ONE WITH THE BOARD :vulcan_salute: :pray:


I usually mount these clamps rotated 90 degrees compared to how you mounted them. That way they have more clearance to the road :slightly_smiling_face:


This was just testing the fit and photoshoot :slight_smile:
I will make sure to rotate them once I have motors.


That’s beautiful!

He must have a huge vacuum table. That seems like a much quicker process than fiberglass…

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MakerX is here :slight_smile: I love the small size!


Nice build
I went with the arbor years ago.

Wheel bite was defintiely a problem, I had to drill xtra holes in the mounts and offset them,

Sold it because I didn’t like sidewinders. and to fund another build

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