M6 threaded inserts for MBS bindings

So anyone know what threaded M6 inserts MBS (or others) use in their boards for the bindings?

links please

One day, I might be able to answer more questions than I’m currently asking.


The MBS boards themselves aren’t threaded at all. It’s a predrilled hole and the bindings have a metal plate on top that isn’t threaded either. Bolt holes on bottom of deck are countersunk for flush fit.


@Venom121212, thanks, that’s interesting as I believe Haero use inserts. What is people’s preference then, pre-drilled hole, inserts, or nothing(with template)?

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I used the ones I linked for my box, they would work the same for bindings, and they are not long enough to go through the bro deck I would assume they would not go all the way through others decks if you didn’t want to drill all the way through. I can vouch they are nice.

PGMJ 80 Pieces M6 Flush Nut… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PYZ3J3X?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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The Hareo bro do use threaded inserts.

@Adstars I believe they use snowboard binding inserts, but @Haeroboards can proably answer this more accurately.


Preferable for me would be nothing at all. Especially with a deck like yours.

I think the majority of people interested in your deck would be looking to use it as a carver/street board and the use case for bindings would be minimal.

Drilling holes is easy, filling them nicely is harder. I’d suggest just supplying templates, that way you are covered for all bases.


Correct, my Haero deck has inserts set in the deck. I prefer the through hole method just because I trust the entire deck thickness from failing over threads loosening or epoxy failing from application issues.

@trelensis good catch, I should have said the mbs boards specifically. Fixed.

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the hole is the goal! I agree, through hole method. Snowboards use inserts, as the base of the board is obviously in contact with the ground at most times, makes sense in that case, no so much with MTB’s


I guess the Retaliation was different. No through holes on my deck. Inserts ftw.

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With the weight of eMTB aren’t you afraid the inserts would get pulled out or the thread would be stripped?

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You calling me fat? @DerelictRobot, he’s doing it again!

No worries here. I’m 65.7kg and the deck is fairly stiff as is. Its definitely got flex, dont get me wrong. Andrew actually rode it when I first got it and iirc, his only bitch was the f5 bindings and being in regular position.

Theres about a 10mm gap at front and rear. If I jump on it (standing jump the center) I’d probably risk that chance. But as it never get flexed that much I dont worry.


I am not sure we understand each other, I mean, like for example, my board must weight around 20kg and overtime I was afraid the threaded inserts would get ripped out or the threads would ne stripped.

@Venom121212, you’re not alone brother lmao

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Found it


Oh yeah I think I read that already. Finding the correct bit is sometimes difficult here lol.

I got this evo from jujo a while back and the where drilled with a drill press I think.

I removed them and I am going to redo it soon.

Is that an evo? What deck is that

Inserts go all the way through the deck mate :wink: go Google it. It have even a bigger head than a screw so inserts shall be even more strong than a screw :wink:

And yes its a standard M6 Thread. You could also just shorten the MBS ones

Google Strength of a M6 thread and you’ll be surprised :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doesn’t it depend on the pitch, tooth angle and material of the insert? I stripped brass inserts by overtightening them, I never used stainless inserts but I snapped M10 bolts trying to unscrew them and they were stuck somehow🤷‍♂️.

I think inserts for bindings on a naked board is fine but for i am not sure if it is for one with battery electronics and drivetrain.