M-TKP TRUCKS : Get smooth with high speed !

That’s pretty good! This should work nicely for pneumatic wheels.

Can you please give us some details on the motor mounts? What’s the center-to-center distance? Is it a single part or two parts – clamp and mount?


Well the axels are removable, right? Just go to a local machinist and have em make some longer axels, if you need em. This is a DIY forum, not a complain about having to do it yourself forum, yes?


This man gets it.


I just actually laughed out loud. Totally needed that today. :sunglasses::+1:


My coworker just asked me if I could take a rack of cups up to the fifth floor for her, while I was clearly in the middle of something and I hit her with “I can do it in 20 minutes or you can do it now

Same energy as this thread lmao


@Kai, I love you man but I gotta call BS on this one. You (and @glyphiks ) can’t actively participate in a thread to create and promote ESK8 standards:

and then piss all over someone asking a manufacturer to target what is a standard to many of us. I’m running custom machined axles on one of my boards, but FSM damn it would be nice if I didn’t have to.

Sorry for the derail, I’m ready to be sentenced to derail jail.


Clearly maker doesn’t intend to make any, so if you want some, make some.


My participation in that thread was not partial to the idea of standardisation.

These guys have made a complete drive train solution that works with the parts they have made for it.

They’ve done us a solid and made the axles removable so that if you want to use it outside of it’s purpose-built use case, you can make your own axles.

I don’t see anyone up in arms about lacroix or hoyt building very specific, purpose built drive trains, i don’t see what the difference is here.


Furthermore, many trucks these days have changeable axels. I could convert my air to 10mm, change between 8 and 10 on bn, etc. So I think if axels are standardized, it should be the threading that attaches them, not the actual lengths.

Also, if maker doesn’t want to, someones got a business opportunity right here. Looking at you @Savage1 xD


i think this one’s a bad take man. It’s for their ecosystem of parts, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with doing this, especially with removable axles. If you want something with longer axles wait for @Savage1 's tkp trucks.


My bitch wasn’t against Maker. All my respect for everything they make. As I said, I’ve machined my own custom axles. Hell, I designed and am having dkp parts machined. No problems with the dyi aspect.

Pissing on someone for bringing up what they see as a legitimate need to a manufacturer… That is my gripe.

Maybe Maker will never offer additional axles. As @glyphiks pointed out, they provide an entire drivetrain. But maybe they decide to offer some up because enough users vocalized their desire for it. Its completely their decision, but if they don’t hear from their potential audience base because users are afraid of getting pissed on then thats a huge loss to the community.

I have other options for trucks. And I can build my own. But there shouldn’t be drama over asking for option C just because A and B already exist.


I agree. I only said anything because there was already some drama going, which is just silly. If you need longer axels, you can either use a different truck or change them out. But certain folks up there were just shitting on the whole product over a solvable problem. Lol


One could say that that is exactly what we are currently doing :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah since the thread pattern is different from the kind Boardnamics and Surf Rodz use, alternate axles aren’t easily available, and that is definitely hindering people from buying this product and using it.


Sure and that’s fine.

But its been vocalized several times to the same end. At a certain point it is not vocalizing anymore and just shitting on the product/thread.


And I’m calling bullshit on this.

The company made a product accommodation after people shit on it. And then immediately, we get this “language barrier” and infantile image nonsense.

It’s useless, and also shows zero tact.

No one shitting on this would buy them even if he made every adjustment complained about. You know how I know? Because that’s what always happens.

Enough complaining for its own sake.

Last thing we need is Maker-X to just tell you all to piss and not even bother being here.


I didn’t speak up on that shit at the top of this thread, because that was definitely a dead horse. But they just released an update and @bollen who was not part of that shit show spoke up and said “we still need” and got effectively smacked down for what many of us see as a needed standard.

Yeah yeah it’s just that it’s been mentioned many times before, in fact, one of the very first things we talked about

But it sounds like they don’t care, hence why he got hostile attitude from people who have seen the thread since it started lol

I’m sure people would buy those extended axles though if you end up wanting to sell them

The current design works with their current offerings, simple as that.
If they plan on releasing press fit pulleys then they’ll probably modify the design to suite.

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More importantly than all this nonsense, are you going to be offering any more of the anti-spark switches that are just parts? I need a couple without the XT60 soldered onto the PCB.

There’s not much money in esk8. Making these trucks only work with their own stuff is lame. I won’t buy these or suggest anyone else does it I’m asked.

And that’s really it.