M.Hboards battery building services! 5% of profits donated to Esk8.news! [SERIOUS]

Hey all!

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been making custom batteries for a while, however, I’ve never made a thread advertising my services till now!

Here’s some pictures of previous batteries I’ve built (some of the previous batteries I’ve built had crossed balance wires, but this has since been corrected).

All cells are sourced from a very reputible US vendor called Liion Wholesale and are tested to be genuine grade A cells!

All packs use: saltwater tested pure nickle strip (the nickle strip also has rounded corners), insulation rings on the positive terminal and have ample fishpaper and kapton tape where needed. All packs come standard with a xt60 connector for discharge and a 5.5x2.5 or 5.5x2.1 (buyer chooses) jack for chargeing. Other connectors are availible upon request.

The standard bms included is a charge only Daly electronics waterproof bms, but other bms’s such as bestech are availible as an upgrade (see prices below). Packs do not include a charger, but chargers are also availible upon request.

Standard turn around time is approximately 2-4 weeks as I order the bms from China and need to wait for it to arrive. If you need a battery quicker, please pm me and I may be able to work something out.

Here are my current prices ( prices do not include shipping and are subject to change at anytime).

10s2p 30Q $198

10s3p 30Q $249

10s4p 30Q $299

10s5p 30Q $349

12s2p 30Q $229

12s3p 30Q $284

12s4p 30Q $349

12s5p 30Q $399

Other cell types and configurations are availible, just pm me!

Additional upgrades availible on all batteries-

Bestech charge only bms(your choice of d140, d124, d190 etc.) +$20

Bestech charge/discharge 80amp bms with eswitch +$45

Bluetooth charge only bms +$20

Make your battery a flexible pcb based battery +$35

If you are interested in purchasing a battery please send me a pm and we will discuss your specific battery (cell layout, cell type etc.)!

All transactions are done through PayPal goods & services. Additionally 5% of profit will be donated to Esk8.news!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below!


Noob-ass question - what’s the difference between charge only and charge/discharge BMS?

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@whaddys If useing a charge only bms your only chargeing through the bms and the dischargeing is unrestricted. If useing a charge only bms you need to set a low voltage cutoff on your vesc because there is no bms stopping you from over dischargeing your battery.

If your dischargeing through the bms you have the bms protecting your battery from over discharging. If useing a bestech charge and discharge bms you also have the advantage of having a built in eswitch (aka anti spark switch)! Also I have never seen a report of the eswitch on a bestech bms fail like most do!


nice @M.Hboards I will be in the market for a flexi 12s battery, will PM you details!

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Is there a 100amp discharge option?

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@tipsy The highest discharge option I have is 90amp discharge.

@KaramQ Yes It could very be that it’s the bms. Try checking the voltage of each individual p group as if there to far out of the bms’s balancing range the bms will not charge the battery.

Also just to confirm this isn’t on a battery built by me correct?

Not one of yours, my bad for posting here

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No worries I’m happy to help but I just don’t want this thread to go off topic. Also no need to delete your post as it may help someone else with the same problem.


These are pretty great prices! :slight_smile:
Where are you located?


I’m located in New York and could only ship within the USA


Not even to your upstairs neighbor?

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Unfortunately not😥

I just wanna say, I’m thoroughly pleased the the excellent customer service and their helpfulness to make sure you’re getting a product exactly how you want it. They’ve been able to help me through all my annoying requests and more than willing to accommodate your needs.


Always happy to help!

Perhaps you are near enough to take road trip to New York? You know, for tourism…


Never renewed my passport. Also, batteries on a plane is bad, what about batteries in a bus?


I’ve never had my bag checked at all when riding public transit in US. I ride busses all the time here in California with a 10s4p but it might as well be twice as big

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Was wondering if you build the packs yourself or do you have someone helping you out?

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I build them all myself!