LUCIER7 makes DIY out of SRB #11

Lucier7 makes DIY electric skateboard out of Stooge Race Boards V5.

New features.
TWO 520kv inrunner dual drive MOTORS, 4to1 gear ratio.
Also have two 800kv inrunner dual drive motors, 6to1 gear ratio
Two Castle XLX2 ESC’s
-stainless steel flush mount zeuse fasteners.
-removable top deck for easy electronics access
-removable bottom pan for easy electronics access
-Re-designed W-concave top deck.
-Re-designed lower pan to allow for all the batteries and electronics to fit under the deck.
-Modified frame and steering rod mounting brackets to give ground clearance and support a 87mm wheel. Currently has 107’s on it.
-modified the axles from 14” to 10” length.
-modified for offset heims for lower deck height and 10 degrees more rake for a tighter turn radius. Was 11’ turn radius, now 7’.
Modified spring loaded RogersBrosDH foot stop into deck pan.

Under construction. Enjoy.



So sexy, can’t wait to hear the ride report. I have been thinking about something very similar- how difficult was it to mod the inrunners to slide the shaft over/thru the rear case?

I’m very interested to see how this works for you…I’ve been thinking the narrower track will negate the downsides of the “locked” axle in a set-up like this. Great work!


Much respect, it looks great…I’m a big fan of smaller wheels. I’d like to hear what it sounds like in action with belts on the castle controllers vs the open gears on most of the SRB set-ups

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Jason Lucier rode for me from Jan 2019 to May 2021 on the V3 front drive raceboard, he played no hand in its development and in fact was the second rider to race it.

I first met Jason at World Cup '18 where Luke Belz was racing the V3 for SRB. Mr Luciers contributions to SRB 3-link development was in the building of a protype baseplate for the 3link based on V3 pickup points, not his design. He also wrote a cnc program for my revised version of the prototype and he donated some tooling and 20 pieces of aluminum base plate stock. That is where Mr Lucier’s contribution began and ended.

I don’t want to go into details about our falling out but it lead to me being without a rider an hour before races at at both Bako and MaryHill in 2021. Jason made it clear that he was not happy with my team leadership and would prefer to run his own show. All that being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to see Jason racing, in Jan 2022 I gave him V5 #011, a set of usable metro wheels and spur gears – add motors, add batteries, esc, radio and you are racing. I cannot say I am ‘stoked’ at the changes he made to the V5 but I’ll say what I say to anyone who thinks they can do better than the SRB V5 – bring it. I hope to see Jason at the track, I wish him success in his endeavors. :checkered_flag:


Whats the issue exactly, seems like Lucier is just building a board with the stuff you gave him no? Not trying to be deft here legit just wondering what the issue is with what hes doing :no_mouth:


This will make one hell of a movie some day


I’m sure I don’t know the whole story, but discouraging modification of your system is also discouraging innovation, and that makes me a sad panda. I for one hope you both love your own setups as much as you can, continue to improve them around your own ride styles, and that you hold on to that fire for the track, rivalries are great fuel for competition.


So this is permission to attempt our own production 3link truck designs? No one will get mad?


Ugghhh :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Honest question…What makes these trucks so special? Carving? Stability?


From what I’ve heard it’s a combination of high speed stability, low speed tight turning, and adjustability


Thanks, I had a chance to ride them recently, they where nice, but honestly, I was not blown out of the water with them. They probably were not adjusted correctly for my weight.


They turn amazing and are stable at 50mph+
The faster you go, the more they lock in. If you didn’t notice, you weren’t going fast enough


Nice!! I’m riding TKP,s and they turn good as well. I’ve had them at around 34mph, with good stability. I’m too chicken to go any faster. (My board probably won’t go any faster lol). How does the open gear drive do as an everyday rider?


Idk, I’m actually running belts on mine


Good truck design can get most traditional designs to be really stable.

We got people doing 42+ on the UAV saying it felt easy.


I think Mike tightened them down, but I’ve been known to put the bushings finger tight (U-turns in a regular one-1.5 lane street) and still be able to be comfortable at 38-40mph on the street

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50/30 split probably helps a lot with that, right?




Sorry, none whatsoever. I just got stirred up by @MoeStooge offering a challenge to his trucks.
I live on a challenge.