Lucian | Landyachtz Evo | 12s5p | 2wd 190Kv 6374 | FocBox Unity | ABEC 107 Superfly's

Porting my updated build list from the builder’s forum.

This is my first build but I’ve gotten a lot of help from members of BAESK8 and reading through both forums. I started on a Boosted stealth but was disappointed with the performance and build durability (6 bent motor shafts, broken esc, broken battery valve). Sold the Stealth and now I want something fast that can actually finish our ~28mile group rides (with food/charging breaks).

Here’s what I got so far
(formatting shamelessly stolen from @mmaner)

I wanted 2in1 Eurothane and Pneumatics which is why I have listed ABECs and Haggys with their respective pulleys. I already bought some TourqueBoard trucks and pulleys but I was heavily recommended to get some Surfrodz and I didn’t like how TB’s ABEC pulleys only use 3 screws.

I want my motors tucked as I much prefer the look but I’m a little worried about clearance. I think it should be fine on the Evo with risers and @Psychotiller’s Evo enclosure but I don’t think that enclosure has a good spot to mount the unity heatsink. Also, the @eBoosted enclosure looks so sleek. If everything can fit, I would prefer to use it. I’ve tried looking around the forums to see if I could figure these out but it’s so specific that I can’t seem to find the exact answer I need.


6 actually but its easier to balance them with 3. Balance them up and then put the other 3 bolts in. No bearing gives you a bit more choice of truck but with the surfrodz you can just chuck in a longer shoulder bolt.

Enclosure. Alans enclosure is a thing of beauty but you will struggle to get the motors tucked under because of its shape. You can do it but it would require some risers and maybe even some wedges which would defeat the object of the evo in the first place. I couldn’t do it with mine and have heard similar experiences voiced by other evo builders.

I think @BigBen does a mighty fine evo enclosure too so worth a look because tillers are abs not fibreglass. Personally I don’t like the look of abs and its not as strong.

Everything else looks great and I am looking forward to seeing it completed.

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I asked Tourqueboards about it and they said that the pulleys fit 6 screws on clones and 3 on ABECs. Since that, I’ve been pretty confused about which pulleys fit which cores but was assured by some of my group that the FatBoy pulleys fit ABECs properly.

On a semi-related note, is there a difference between the older Evo and the Falcon. I think I remember seeing that the older one had more clearance at the back. I see that @deckoz tuck mounts his motors with the Evo enclosure. But that’s on the older deck.

Mines the 39 the old one was 40 as is yours. Of course all of this depends entirely on trucks and mounts so keep checking around. If you run very short plates that are fully adjustable then yes you could probably do it. Check with tiller about his. I think but don’t quote me that @deckoz used tb short mounts. I know for definite it doesn’t work with the v5 tb mounts. @Moone can attest.

Edit The angle of the back truck area is different on the older evo too. Brad will tell you if he heeds the tag. Fixed the deliberate mistake

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Thanks man, equally as helpful now as you were on my post from the old forum! :+1:

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That will be a fun build and a hell of a ride. Everyone needs an Evo. Glad to have one back in my quiver.


Thought I was experiencing deja vu there for a minute lol. Glad to help.

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You might need to go a different way with the trucks as surfrodz rkp’s are fucking stupid to source and they are unhelpful assholes to the eskate community.

Im an idiot you have them already my surfrodz rage to strong

And if you are ordering from haggyboard i’d suggest contacting Timo on the forum here. He was incredibly helpful with my order! And It was shipped out within a couple hours!

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Yeah I’ve heard a lot of shit about their business dealings but they were so widely recommended to me for an RKP truck I didn’t see the harm in it.
I actually found a bug in their site, told them about it, and then cheesed my order to get what I wanted.
It says they are out of stock for sets of 200mm RKPs but if you buy 2 of the same single sets you are free to do so. Soon after I placed my order they emailed me saying they were only gonna charge me for the set of 2 as its cheaper than 2 singles.

Kinda stupid but it worked out for me :smile:


Lmao that’s fucking hilarious I actually got a pair of old school surfrods from a buddy and I do have a love hate relationship with em for sure


Interesting. I guess I’ll measure the clearance once i get my mounts and motors. I don’t think @Psychotiller’s mounts are very long either. Especially looking at this picture from the old forum.

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I meant the new fixed version with the cross member must be the v5 then :rofl:

V bloody something.

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All of my stuff finally arrived. Here’s what I got to last night.


Cool board dude


Looking good.

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Found out today that my motors have 4mm bullet connectors and I only had 3.5 and 5.5 :unamused:. Also, the mounts I got didn’t fit the SR’s but I’m getting that sorted with Tiller. I got so much crap everywhere from cutting into the enclosure but it turned out great.


This was such a fun first build and when I actually rode it today it was so fast. I’m very excited to see what I can get it to. I got a little excited and didn’t document the whole thing but here’s what I got. Haven’t done a proper glammer shots yet but I will once it isn’t dark.


Fuckin riiiip… Two falls (here’s one) so far cause of a loose ppm connector to the Hoyt receiver, and about ~70 miles

and I can’t get a full charge. Should be at 50.5v but cuts off at 46.2v. Opened her up and looks like one of the P groups is dead and the cells in that group aren’t reading a charge…


Did the receiver come loose at the servo cable connector to the unity or the servo cable to receiver? Just curious since I also have a unity and want to prevent any errors at all costs.

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Servo cable to the receiver. To be safe you could do both but the adapter wire doesn’t really have any safety clips and is a little loose. Which is why it was shaken out.

The servo to the unity wedges in pretty well and I haven’t had any issues there.

Taped together so it doesn’t fall out anymore.

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