Low Flow | Bustin Eq 36" | dual hubs 90mm | 10s4p battery | Basic Esc

Heres the long awaited build thread, my board has finally been finished today and had its first test ride aswell, thanks for all the help in the other thread
(sorry no pics outside yet it started raining but ill add more)

Dual 90mm 500w hub motors
10s4p 379wh battery
Mboards XL enclosure
1.5" mounting hardware
Soft 88a bushings
Bustin eq 36" deck (diy dropthrough modification)

Expected range around 22 miles/35km, top speed 29mph/46km, have not tested the range yet
Weight 9.2kg/20lbs

Building and waterproofing
First thing i did was modify the deck for a dropthrough, i emailed bustin asking if the hollowcore pattern would be a problem to cut through and while they didnt recommand it they said it should be fine, and it turned out good but it was a bitch to cut through i almost broke 2 saw blades

Original look

After dropthrough cut

It took some effort to measure everything up but im happy i did it as the board has a much lower profile

End result>

I also drilled the holes for bolts right over the griptape because i couldnt be bothered to replace it and just made them black with a marker after

Then it was finally time to set up the battery and esc inside the enclosure

The battery originally belonged to my cityrover s5 scooter but i scraped it when it broke and im glad it did because its a pretty beefy battery and fit nice inside

might go with a vesc next time but i couldnt be bothered to program a vesc and i find 4 speed modes and brake modes enough

I wanted to make it water resistant aswell so i first laid everything inside and added some cushion foam

Then put everything inside PVC heat shrink

And in the end added a some tape to cover the holes and make sure nothing moves

Then i placed down the foam for the enclosure and just bolted everything together

holding the nuts while screwing the bolts was a bitch again, and i did manage to get 3 slight cracks while screwing it, the components were sticking a bit out so i had to bend the enclosure, but fixed them with gorilla glue

Final look

Im really happy with how it turned out and how low it is, the deck fits the aesthetic really good

Final thoughts
I was pretty nervous to jump on it for the first ride but surprisingly nothing fell apart or blew up, 4th mode has really strong start torque so i only used the 3rd mode and a bit of second, im really impressed with the power , i only used the second brakes but they are very strong you can lock the wheels if you use them all the way


Looks good! Now it’s time to start f*cking around :smirk:


Remember to check everything after about 5km and after about 100km to check nothing rattled loose.


Bro if it cracked the enclosure it’s not waterproof, shrink wrap isn’t gonna make it that safe either unless you have silicone sealing it from the inside. She’s pretty though, I’ll give you that’s!


Way to see this through dude! We are all so proud of you.


its not FULLY waterproof but everything is still sealed pretty damn good, ive made sure to glue good the small cracks and its sitting very tight on the foam,and if any drops somehow still get in everything is sealed in the pvc AND taped around, and the rest is filled with foam, if the board ever dies its not gonna be from water :d

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MBoards quality :man_shrugging:

It turned out pretty clean though, definitely seen much worse haha


thanks i really didnt expect it to turn out this good for a first time :sweat_smile:

Put a few hundred kilometers on it before beginning celebrations.


Good looking end result! Do you get any wheel-bite with this setup? After modifying the deck to drop-through I would bet you do…


After how the other thread went I’m impressed with the quality here. Nice to see you completed this.


nope none, the wheels are pretty far from the deck and the extra cutout wasnt even necessary

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added weight 9.2kg/20lbs

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oh no he made another thread

otherwise you finished yours about 15x faster than mine, so congrats!


Congrats dude! Do let us know how it rides when it stops raining!

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its wet and cold but i got a second ride in and tested some hills, its alright in 3rd speed mode but on 4th you really accelerate on those pesky slopes

footage of empty 1am street


board still holding up, was hoping for a downhill test but its raining again and i need to write 3 essays by thursday -_-

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Your name shall be FAFO Can someone second this?

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I’d be a little concerned about the components if you had to compress the enclosure into them to make them fit.

Good luck with it, by the sounds of it, that enclosure is gonna last like 3 rides if you’re lucky.


actually still holds up fine after 3rd ride XD