Looking to buy unity or storm core

Hey guys- as title says i want an esc for an all terrain build I’m working on. Would appreciate any leads. Ride safely !!

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Stormcore is not out yet my dude :woozy_face:

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Make sure you place your location. :round_pushpin:

Lots of people with Unities that may wanna offload one. :relieved:

Stormcore not available yet. :disappointed_relieved:


But I knew it would get some views! What about the neobox? Have people used that? Or the maytech duals?

Here’s the sitch- I’m moving to Chicago from nyc… currently here in Chicago looking for somewhere to live- will be back in nyc in 2 weeks and buying stuff to make another build and have it ready to make over a few days - so, trying to source all my items now

title says it all


Screw Chicago. Move to grand rapids so we can be ride buddies instead. You can just take the ferry if you need to get over there for work or something. Just leave 4 hours early! :grinning:

Hahah. Man when i make it up your way- indeed… we shall RIDE. Sent you a PM btw.

Seriously just wait a couple of weeks for the Stormcore?


Is that two weeks timeline pretty likely?
I wonder if they will have plenty…

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