Looking for right size enclosure

Hi Guys.
Just finished my build and now my commute to work as been a lot more fun!!
Its dual 200kv motor with 2 flipsky vesc 4.12 and 6s lipo (3x2s 5000mah in series) with bms for charging
8km a day 30km/h max speed and board have been holding really nice, amazing ride.
My only issue is enclosure, made a box out of 1/8 birch with plastic lid on top. But lid screws are gone, now im holding it with zip ties.

Need to find some professional looking enclosure.
My enclosure dimensions are 13"x 6.5" my deck is 29"× 8".

Anyone knows any good one for my needs?

Thank you


Update your pfofile please. Location is needed.

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Just updated. I’m from Toronto Canada :canada:


Some of the simplest DIY solutions are:
-3D printing your own
-Kydex your own
-or some looking around for a Tupperware of the right size

Hope this helped!

Thanks. Don’t have the resource s to print or build my own. I used Tupperware before, is functional but not with good finishing looking.

Kydex is probably the cheapest easiest solution that can get you a somewhat professional enclosure. Sometimes you can get it Dirt cheap on Amazon.ca.

All you need is an oven/BBQ a positive mold (which can be made of anything that doesn’t melt at 200C) and lots of patience.

Thank. Will do a search on that!

I believe rotbotts has it in town.

Not far from me. Will take a look at it. Thanks

If you take the one you have, and skin it with carbon fiber and epoxy, then it could be very badass. But, skinning is a tricky process that, as I understand, is heavily reliant on correctly timing things. I haven’t done it yet, though.

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If you have spare time you can make your own fiberglass enclosure. You can use plywood or sturdy foam to make a positive mold on which you can layer the fiberglass. For positive mold forming I recommend woven fiberglass not the randomly layered thick sheets. The woven stuff is easier to model around the edges. On the wood you need to use a release agent like liquid wax.

In this example I used masking tape on the mold which is not optimal, on the deck it’s okay.
But keep in mind all supplies cost the same as one of www.psychotiller.com `s enclosures. The big advantage is, it will fit like a glove and you can make it 100% to your requirements.


I’m about to start my first fibreglass enclosure soon, just received the rest of the supplies today. Still need to smooth out my bucks a bit as I will be making a fibreglass mold first and then making the enclosure from that.


Making a vacuum box is pretty simple and the enclosure that you want is pretty small so 2 12x12 kydex will do.

I think will give it try with the fiberglass. My problem is the pre made enclosures I find are either to long or to wide for my needs.
Will make a mold with Styrofoam and use your method. As a release agent carnuba wax works?

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How do you gonna do? Vacuum bag? I think the problem is stick the fiberglass to the mold, specially on the corners

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Styrofoam will get eaten by the Epoxy. You need to get a special coating and let it harden before you apply the Fiberglass.
Polyurethane foam will work with only standard release agent applied.
Carnauba wax works.

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Thanks for the advise, will look at polyurethane foam.

You can see the process so far here…

I used a PVA release to make the mold, and I will use an aerosol release to make the part. Here is the mold so far…

Amazing work. Well done!!

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Just finished making my first one on a positive mould with carbon over glass. Vac bagged it.

The part got stuck on the positive mould and was a mission to get it off. Broke part of it an had to re skin it. Used release wax but didn’t work well on some parts. Gonna tape the mould with packaging tape next time. Did that on the deck and didn’t stick to that at all. Good project and learnt heaps. Results are a bit rough but passable. Next one will be perfect.