Looking for motors for a dual setup 6350+ size 170kv-190 kv

I need to 6350+ motors
two vesc
jet kill 40 inch
torque boards 110 mm wheels
enclosure for jet killshot

still open til tomorrow 3pm pst

I got you hooked up on motors, @DarkVortex has a pair of 190kv 6374s he’s letting go. PM him for them

I want my vesc back @ZachTetra

What vesc are you looking for? What motor mounts are you planning on using?

The Ollin VESC? Last I checked he’s still running a single 6354 with it, whatcha need it for?

‎ jkjk

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i really dont care a dual vesc would be nice though

You still need motors?

Send them to me



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I need vesc’s

i’m still looking for motors

I got 2 r-spec 6355, and 2 Tb 6355

Just buy the meepo man. You’re already talking about buying the deck.

Nothing against your sale @KaramQ, Micah changes his build plan every hour.

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no not really i stick with an idea for a day my newest idea has been going strong for 1 week i got half my stuff ordered and yes i am using the meep deck

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I’m selling the motors for 60$ each
The enertion r spec ones

how long have rspecs been discountinued?

I’m not sure but they are battle hardened with epoxy, not much miles on them too