Looking for a Screen for R2 Remote for Evolve GTR

Hi everyone,

While trying to help my ride buddy (a girl that have the evolve gtr), let give it an explanation her remote was making some noise like something was rattling in there…after a while she noticed some glitch and had no response from the accelerator and was stuck in place…almost hitting me from behind mouaaa…never the less while dismantling the remote the screen broke and there we are…well the issue was fixed the fucker who sold the board forget a screw that was messing with the sensor !!!

I would love to find for her a screen and replace it at a honest cost and take the shipping for me…thanks in advance…

Cheers and ride safely :wink:

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Contact Evolve. They sold me a display for my R2 remote over a year ago.
Not sure if they will sell you one now but it’s worth asking, as I recall it was around $35.
After my display went out again I ditched the crappy remote and went back to my R1 remote.
Another thing to watch out for is the spring in the remote for the brakes, they get weak and when it does the slightest movement of it will trigger it leaving you with no throttle.

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Thanks for your input…it does seems however that the R1 is not compatible with the GTR…

Yes. They did revise the firmware for the R1 not to be compatible on newer boards.
It’s quite lame that they did.
My R1 remote didn’t work on my friends Gtx and it’s only a year newer than mine.
I have 2 spare R1 remotes that I don’t even know what to do with them.

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There’s a thread for that :slight_smile:

Someone in the world somewhere needs that.


While we are at it, could someone tell me if there is a way to adjust (input new) custom settings for different wheel sizes and pulley ratios in the R1 remote? The fixed setting sizes I got in mine won’t fit my board’s actual wheel/pulley ratio configuration.

Normally I wouldn’t bothered using the old R1 but unfortunately my R2 shattered during a fall. So I’m forced to use this one for a while. (I cannot believe Evolve sold this crap to costumers for so long :roll_eyes:)

There are no much ratios in between specially for larger wheels…

No, but you can make a spreadsheet of all the presets and use math to figure out the ratios. Then pick the ratio closest to what you need.

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Are you kidding me Brian :laughing:? Nahh, just picked the ‘closest’ setting to my real ratio. I got 6" inch (150mm) wheels with 47T… the ‘closest’ setting in this crappy remote maybe 135mm 60T :grimacing:. If that’s of any use for a real drain power assessment and battery management :roll_eyes:

You have to move away from their crappy electronics with any mods, I have seen guys upgrade their battery but only get a real boost in performance when they change their ESC. I have 3 evolves and only one is stock. As soon as you go non standard anything you have to go all in. I might have a LCD I will check my evolve parts box.


This is only true for china hub boards and anything Evolve.

A Metroboard for example, is not this way.

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Programmable ESC would go a long way to fixing this.


@Movation Thanks for you input, she will definitely go DIY after all but if I can find the LCD for her that would be awesome just to keep her “new” board as it and build a real good diy :wink: …it is nice of you to look for the LCD screen …looking forward to know if you find it :slight_smile: