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Freebies…in progress [OFFERS ONLY]

This thread is a continuation of the same thread on the builders forum and is really simple. If you have something to give away (as in free, gratis, no charge) post it here, please include pics. If you want to charge for shipping that is acceptable. Other than please post it in another thread, this is for free items only.

I’ll get started with these…

I accidentally bough a box of 300 5/16-24 nylok nuts. These are the nuts used on standard 8mm truck axles. I would really really rather not send them out 4 at a time, so I’m thinking around 25 per pack, you pay shipping which is $3.20 for 1st class anywhere in the US.

I’ll be posting more in the next few days.


Who would’ve thought…lol :joy:


I’ll have 3 please

Still laughing how you managed to accidentally buy 300 nuts. Even if you got the wrong size 300??? Who needs 300 bloody nuts?


I said give me a box, thinking it will be 50, they gave me the contractors box :smiley:.

It was 8 bucks, so no loss. I get a hefty discount.


Atleast you can say you got nuts for days. Hopefully someone needs them. Maybe offer them to surfrodz in exchange for them to
start doing rkp adjustable plate. Just be the bearded charmer.


I’ve got 150 servo cables, they are the ones hobbyking offer on the site. 3cm and 10cm variants. I’m in England so EU people would be preferable from a cost to you perspective.

Pay shipping and you’re welcome to some ladies and gents.


i actually need some of those. Ill let you know when I am closer to starting the build

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As many as you want. We have a distributor for industrial products in St Petersburg (?) , If they have these I can probably get you a 500-piece box ship direct for pennies. I’ll check into it next week.

Just need like 2 :sweat_smile:

@andy87 is in St Petersburg

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Ahh, damn. I thought both of you were. Where are you at?

UK :sweat_smile:

just updated this


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Cool, nothing ever there yet but prolly soon. We have an industrial distributor in Germany, would that be cheap shipping to you?

@Brenternet has some so all is good :slight_smile:

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USA or Russia?


Russia.I think Mike thought I was in Russia. :sweat_smile:


Well, maybe he knows more than you know yet :joy:


It’s all because of Kavalan :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Amazon sent 2 Insta 360 one selfie sticks (marked in yellow) They work fine with the one x if you grind away a few mm on each side of the tip (again shown in yellow) or change the tip altogether. The other selfie sticks are shown as a reference to what works. To much of a hassle to send them back and with so many esk8rs into 360 video I figure I’d put them here. I have two.

update 8/13/2019 I still have one of the insta360 selfie sticks available.


I was shopping on and realized they are sold out of top trucks for the Matrix 2 (plastic and metal).
If anyone has a broken top and is missing out on riding because they can’t order one hit me up.
I have a handful of new plastic top trucks for free.
Hopefully they’ll hold up until you can get metal ones :slight_smile:


I don’t have a broken top but the only thing holding me back from buying a set of matrix 2 (non metal) off of @DerelictRobot is the lack of metal top plate. Do I still qualify for this? I’m quite impatiently waiting for the metal tops to restock.