Loaded unlimited hub motors experience?

Does anyone have experience with loaded unlimited hub motors? They’re pricey, but they have the option to use caguama sleeves, and it looks like they’re a significant step up in quality from standard hub motor options that are currently available (meepo, wowgo, backfire, etc).

I’m wondering how the caguama sleeves feel compared to a normal caguama wheel on a belt drive setup. Love my cags - but hate belts and motor mounts hitting rocks on the ground. By my calcs these are probably ~75kv - anyone know for sure?

Any input is much appreciated.


I recently finished a 4wd with Meepo Hubs. The 100mm Version rides much better than any other China hub I have tried so far. There are also new 105mm cloud wheel hubs out there.

I have no experience with loaded hubs but I’m not sure if they are worth the money without sensors and such a small size. I’m not sure about the quality but I think the current generation China hubs are fine. And even if one dies they are dirt cheep to replace.


@M.Hboards has been using them for a good while now i believe


I have! They are really nicely built, super smooth but don’t have sensors. The wheel sleeves are also nice and and are absolutely a step up from the ones found on standard China hub motors.

Are they worth $400 for a pair? That’s debatable…


I haven’t used them, but “more copper” is a much better use of space than “sensor assemblies” IMHO


The adaptability on and truck you like sounds like a huge plus too,
Does it works well or do you have to rescrew them avere now and then ?


Bolted them on once and never looked back!


@M.Hboards Legit - thanks for the info.

I saw that you have caguamas on your baby blue build as well. How would you compare the ride quality between the two boards? Is there really any noticeable difference? And, what downsides have you run into with not having sensors on the loaded hubs?

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Ride is a tad smoother on the baby blue racer but the neo deck that my loaded hubs are on is very stiff so that’s probably why I feel more vibrations. Also the ones on the baby blue racer are of the blue variety which are softer.

Just gotta give the smallest of a kick to get started. I set some active low speed breaking as it was a bit weak off the bat but I’m not sure that’s sensor related.


I love mine. I’ve beat them up pretty good and they still run like new. The three different duros of cuagamas are nice. I just picked up some baby-blues.


I also have a 1wd loaded set-up. It isn’t very powerful, but it still gets the job done and it’s a lot of fun. I weigh 175lbs. One hub gets me up hills and I can reach 24 mph on flat ground.


what are the smallest sensors? i dont think they need take any room that would be copper. i ask because im looking for them. and reliable and easy to install

on a pcb maybe need not even take any room



I have some I need to test.


I’m just thinking that the loaded kit uses a 10s battery. Is there any reason to think these motors wouldn’t play well with 12s?


given the low KV nature of hub motors you could run them at higher voltages.

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Hey unlimited hubs owners,

Can anyone measure the dimensiosn of the hub can (without the sleeves). I need the diameter of the can and the width and depth of the grooves.

I have a set of the infamous neoHubs, and the fit of the orangatang sleeves seems a bit loose, but i dunno if it’s how they fit on the unlimited hubs, or if the size of the neo hubs is slightly off.

With the correct dimensions i might be able to make some kind of 3d printed adapter to make them fit better.



Do all these tires use a harder core or are they all a completely soft pu?

100% soft pu

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Ayyy I love mine, and the $150 off coupon that Loaded was doing only made it a sweeter deal. In my experience (owner of a Solo, experienced riding all three, 12s4p 40T dual 6380 DIY owner), there is no better hybrid bridge between an esk8 and an analog push board, of which Loaded is a God. So, combining the two…sweetness. The hubs are practically just as smooth as pushing a push board. So close.

Cons: Straight up, their own business model. How? Why? What in the world? Well here’s the case. Their entry Solo kit (8ish miles +more with Unlimited [push assist] Mode) is actually the best kit! There is hardly a better bang for the buck if you want a legitimately awesome and pro quality push feeling board with electric assistance. The performance ramps up, sure, when you go with higher tier kits…but all you’re doing is adding extra components! The dual hub is better for torque, sure. But is it really necessary for the cost nearing $1K and 8 miles range? Nah. There are better options for that cost, or DIY a stout little machine. Race kit? Only 16 miles range and the 28mph limit for over $1300? No way. It’s smooth, it runs like a banshee, but for only 16 miles and then some sag…and you’re paying nearly $1400 after tax…I’m good. Think of what you could build for that. This is OG boosted board range, and we all know the lack of value there.

Modularity is phenomenal with the Unlimited Kit. The Solo is fun as hell and is the best experience you’ll get on a hub while keeping the pro-quality board feel and experience. Run it on whatever board you want outside of a double drop, mine was on a Vanguard and now is on a 1987 Valterra fat tail cruiser. You’d certainly have fun with the Race Kit too, but for the money, there are far better options for experience and cost.


I’m currently riding sensored FOC - never rode unsensored motors.

What’s it like starting from a full stop? Do they require a push to get started?