Loaded + Rideunlimited Collab launches July 9

for spolier click here: https://www.rideunlimited.co @winfly sleuthed it out

from the email:

Today we have an exclusive sneak peek that we’re sharing only with you, our loyal newsletter subscribers.

Next M‌onday, Ju‌ly 9‌th we will be announcing an exciting new partnership and line of electric skateboard conversion kits and completes!

Cutting-edge battery and motor technology pair with premium components from Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, and Paris Trucks.

We’re very stoked on this new chapter for Loaded and can’t wait to share the official news with you on J‌uly 9‌th. Keep your eyes peeled!



My eyes are frikin peeled. So happy to see good brands collaborating!


This looks strangely familiar… I swear I’ve seen this around before. Did they rebrand or is this the same company…?

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Think I saw it the first time on kickstarter a year or two ago, was some spanish company if i remember it correctly. Can’t tell if its the same guys

I wonder if these are just the front wheels or are we actually going to see hubs with some REALLY good thane?

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This is the same old thing…very little thane on crappy hubs. Disappointing.


1150 euro for dual hubs with 5AH battery? Does not seem very appealing to me.

You could DIY a pretty nice board for that amount of money.

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Saw something on actionboard ships Instagram and then I looked on loaded site and found this

What do you guys think?

I mean it’s basically the same as a Mellow right?


They are trying,

I had dialogue with them but they never mentioned this. I emailed Ethan about it but I think I may have upset him with my thoughts and he hasn’t replied.

I see why they have done it but I feel like they are making the wrong moves


I agree with you on this. The implementation is the same thing that’s been available for months, very little range and not a lot of speed or torque. I just can’t understand why skate companies that normally make great stuff continually make a mediocre entrance into esk8. Its disappointing.


They are the first to admit they know nothing about electric skateboards.

But a company like that could easily get people in to consult, we would do it for free! Like I said there was some limited dialogue between myself and Ethan Cochard after the motherboard release but it went quiet. Shame really.



I am not a huge fan of loaded boards, the flex model just inst a great fit for me, but I DO see the attractiveness of them. I would, as well as 1000 other people, be happy to consult on something like this if for no other reason than to see an actual skateboard manufacturer make a decent esk8.


I was kind of hoping that’s where it would all lead maybe not after my last email!

I am the total opposite, huge loaded fan boy. I have an icarus on 77a caguamas I have been hammering around on for 1.5 years, it looks like what you would imagine they would build except I did it ages ago. I also have a truncated tessy I frickin love as a pusher. They could really do great things, they could dominate the pre build market if they got it right I think.


Once again…

Utterly disappointed at Loaded’s attempt to get into this market.

No wonder they all hate electric boards.


without a doubt, they could sell thousands. I spend 3 months talking to Indy, trying to get them to make an esk8 truck. all seemed to be going well until they just ghosted. about a year later I got an email saying they were no longer interested. weird stuff.

This has almost a retro feel to it…

Makes me think of summer 2016, I wanted one of those bolt-on drive things and I thought 5mm thane was good enough :smile:

So much potential wasted


I really like the idea they had with the battery and motor controller. But the hubs are a big negative. They of all people should know for a comfortable ride you need a full urethane wheel. Then theirs the performance to price ratio. Of course as a diy community most prebuilts are nowhere near our performance to price ratio, but here you’re getting the performance of a Meepo for 3 times the price and I don’t think the other aspects of the system come close to justifying the cost. Also 10s2p of 25r I think is what they’re using for their highest end model that needs to be changed.

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do any one know what’s the closest DIY Clone for this?

Been looking building a ride unlimited clone with minimal or zero modifications on trucks, or is RideUnlimited has the only functioning all truck hub wheel motor?

options i have looked at are Maytech single hub wheels but from what i understand is you can only fit modified trucks.


You can buy hub motors everywhere…? And all of them use modded trucks…?