Live streamed & Large scale E-skate, EUC & Onewheel Racing event in Perth CBD, Western Australia - April 22nd 2023

Hey guys!

The Electric Racing League are hosting a large scale racing event down at the picturesque Elizabeth Quay in Perth Western Australia on Aprill 22nd 2023

The event will be live streamed, broadcasted to mega screens at the venue with live commentary and presenters. Local vendor stalls will be set up and were hoping to bring the wider e-skate community vendors into the picture if anyone is looking to get involved in any way, be it some small raffle or competition prizes, printed signage on the track or logos on the live stream and broadcast.

Hit me up below or email if you’re keen to get involved.

@Adstars - thanks for getting involved early! appreciate your ongoing support to the Electric Racing League

@JeffyJ I’ve tagged you as you’re much more active on the forum and might be able to answer some questions if I cant respond in time

Cheers guys!


Cant wait!!


Super excited by this, an esk8 event in the very heart of the city, amazing location, an official event, sponsored by the state government.

I will have a stall showing off a couple of demo decks, Paragon full builds, but will have plenty of space to show off other products. Happy to help other vendors if you think you would like to participate.

Elizabeth quay photos, the race day venue.

Could be the esk8con of the southern hemisphere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The “could be” is the goal for sure.

Competitors wise will be very limited in comparison to esk8 con. Hopefully this will change in future.

Biggist positive of this event is the location drawing in spectators!!!


This looks fun as fuck! I’d take this over parking lot races any day.


Yeah, amazing race track, will be an awesome place for spectators. Racing over the bridge will be so :sunglasses: cool!

It seems incredible that ERL have this course for a weekend, Saturday. It’s the busiest tourist spot in the city, bars and restaurants over look and mingle all over the quay. Crazy!

The Elizabeth quay footbridge (part of the track)



Just to add to the danger, a large 3m bull shark was spotted in the waters.


If this year’s is successful we’ll get stuck into the 2024 edition a lot earlier so we have plenty of time to apply for travel subsidies for our interstate and overseas competitors.

Unfortunately the two of us only have so much time outside of our regular jobs, but with the growth of the sport and association we’ll be able to lean on a bit more support in the future.

We’re also still aiming to get to the east coast this year too


That bridge is so pretty. I’d love to skate over something like that in the middle of the night when no one is around. Or just at night in general

Any chance they will post the video up anywhere after the fact, or even just stream it online for people not in AUS? Mostly the video part since I’ll be asleep during the race anyway

The event will be live streamed with presenters ( see original post) . I’m sure the video will be made available for consumption after the fact also.


So is Australia taking applications these days?

You need people?
I can even throw in child labor.
The puppy has Australian something in her DNA.

You guys are really living in the Future!!!


Goddamn this looks awesome.

Great work dudes! I’m gonna be pretty disappointed if that bull shark doesn’t get fed an evolve rider


Yes definitely, I’m under the impression the full broadcast will be available after the event, but at the very least there will be plenty of highlight videos


Down south or further north?

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At this stage it’s wherever we can get the most support from the local venues, vendors and e-skate community.

Our long term goal is to work up to an east coast tour hitting 3 major cities down the coast


Man this event looks so sick, wish I could join.


Technically you can @zero_ads . Just come to Perth during qualifying and place in top 8 then you’re in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Seriously though, the struggle is real for international racers. If you can afford to buy the plane tickets, the next hurdle is getting boards across. You’ll be pleased to know, ERL are considering ways they can help suplement costs for international racers in future.

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Wow this looks epic.

I smell business trip for my channel in the future


anyone who committed to flying over would automatically qualify. its a given considering the effort to get here.

after the association board meeting last night, were looking at changing the qualifying process anyway, opening up the track to another division and more competitors


Hell yes. That’s a good call. Was feeling the pressure to qualify in top 8 :sweat_smile: