Little FOCer! 84V 5kW VESC-Based Controller

Well, that’s awesome, the advantages may make me reconsider and settle for 18S :slight_smile: Any link for details? (I’ll do my search later)

Don’t hope for any performance or efficiency increase going higher in voltage. For Esk8 there is not much gain going higher in voltage… However, the BMS can handle 18S packs.
The BMS can balance up to 18S Li-Ion, has a built in switch to decouple the charger, temp monitoring for BMS and Battery, CAN communication with ESC, fully VESC-Tool app compatible and it can operate an external pre-charge power switch. Dimensions are 130x36x14mm.


The higher voltage ends up giving different results on balancing vehicles than it does on an eskate. Not in and of itself, but in conjunction with the motor of a Onewheel with an uncommonly low KV rating, and currently working with 15s batteries. It can handle much more without much more heat, so personally I’m interested in seeing what I can get away with in terms of headroom at different speeds.

As for BMSs, I’m happy to hear there’s a small charge only BMS aside from the ENNOID. The more, the better.

I already pre-ordered the ENNOID 18s Lite, but I’ll order them all and compare function and fit.

VESC tool integration sounds nice. If I can fit something nicely in an XR battery box alongside the 18s2p battery, then that’d be a nice mix.


Yeah the big hub motors for balance applications are gunna yield different values from detection than those little outrunners used in esk8. Different kinds of motors have different properties.


I has the most differentist of all ze motors!# :yum:

Don’t hope for any performance or efficiency increase going higher in voltage. For Esk8 there is not much gain going higher in voltage…

What Mario said :smiley:

The fact though that your BMS will fit in the space of the original Onewheel BMS is huge (assuming it will fit in the thickness dimension; the Onewheel BMS is 157x37mm). This will allow Onewheelers to replace the whole ESC + BMS combo bascially in-place, without having to come up with some different placement.

That said, I’m looking at ENNOID-BMS-SS-LITE after Mario mentioned it. Supporting up to 24S eventually :grin: And I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a narrow version to happen. If there’s enough onewheelers out there… (the thread: DieBieMS fork: ENNOID-BMS for 6S to 24S battery packs)

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For hubmotors higher voltage makes sense. Especially because of the thin and long wires.

We will post more about our upcoming BMS soon.


There will be. :eyes: They will come in droves, if there’s a BMS that can sit in the box, and HV controller options. They’ll ditch the insanely-priced aftermarket chopshop scalpfest and move on to greener pastures. Then the money will come, and the whole DIY world will grow.



I build my own pack and use only battery testers. I charge it bulk and only once every 30 or 40 charges I use hobby charger. This works just fine with good cells.
BMSs are overrated.

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I was asked by @ENNOID to make a poll about interest in a narrow version of their BMS for Onewheels. So onewheelers, please go and vote if you’re in business for a nice and actually open source BMS (I’d like to point out how important it is to support open source projects; without opensource, there would be no VESC and we wouldn’t be here doing these awesome things at all), go and vote!

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There are many kinds of open source licenses, and something that’s FOSS like the VESC Project is very different from something like OSS that isn’t copylefted.

The GPL license itself is one of the things that makes VESC so awesome. If it was simply open source there’s a good chance it could have died long ago, or been turned into a closed source fork with the original version abandoned.

“Open Source” encompasses many different things, often things that lack most of the cool parts of the VESC license. (It’s like all the eye candy with none of the teeth)

The teeth in the license – that you must also opensource any edits you make – is a real game changer. The phrase “open source” doesn’t convey this, like the term “copylefted” does.


exciting times

i’m in no hurry but still interested in purchasing 5 units whenever its chill to do so!

You said you’ll announce in advance in this group exclusively for the next batch. Are you going to announce in advance and give some kind of code to make the purchase, guaranteeing we would be able to get our units or are you just letting us know in advance the release date and time?

Just getting anxious here. Lol. You said it would be ready in a few weeks… hehe




Yeah I’ve already said I would announce it here exclusively. Maybe I can do a scheduled time once its; closer to being ready. I’ll think about it.


That would be cool :smiley:


Shaman I need higher power at 20s, pls help

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It feels like calm before the storm.


You know you’ve got good business when Jesus needs your help.


Workin on it!