lightweight 4wd daily

it’s been a day since I rode my painkiller, and I already somewhat regret the 6kWh bringing up and down the stairs.

also, I still have 4vescs laying around (2x cheapfocer sprusa edition and a teenka), so I’d like to build something lighter

thinking 12s6-8p 40T, small motors (either SK3 5065 236kv or RTS5065 190kv), metroboards pneu, the redember 44 I’ve laying around… could be way easier to handle

now, I have no clue in the drive. I’d like to try belts, as I’ve had only pain with them on 2wd, but I hope the skipping will be resolved on 4wd. however, I’ve not been looking around the comunity and the parts market for a while, so my question is, what kinds of short mounts are there nowadays? (that could fit the motors under the deck with ~16/66 pulley setup). or what other options do I have?





If you have a redember then you don’t need super short mounts, surely? If I were you I’d look into using these trucks and mounts: (I think you can forward mount them)

alternatively, gear drives would work to keep the motor close to the truck. BN ones are cheap enough to go 4WD




That is not lightweight, you’re just used to carrying around a fucking neutron star.


Reminds me of this…
Kaly’s probably a “Light weight board” for shaq :rofl:


-Wants a lightweight board

-12S8P and 4WD

michondr :


Damn… we finally found giga chad


my 4wd is almost

almost as light as i could get it, 18s3p atm, 6355, gear drives and
before the battery i managed to shave it from ~18ish kg to and estimated 16, which is fairly dece ngl

i will find ways to lighten the load moar, and no

no belts for me,

4wd and leightweight are not easy to mesh together cause you’re literally dumping 2x as many of everything on it

i guess relatively speaking tho, your 4wd might be lighter than your other one

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If you’re using a thick deck with kinda heavy wood that’s not this huge given you ride 4 motors 4 gear drives I bet (so more weight) plus 54x 21700 cells.

Add enclosure + silicon + hardware nuts and all and the bill rises quick too.

You ride polyurethane or tyre?

i currently have 14 ply Tramp wing and mbs, rockstar??? i always forget
with RS 6.5” tires
catbox ecs boxes and pelican

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Ok that’s some heavy material you got there all around! So 16kg with all that is no sloush really :ok_hand:t4:

Btw you already got like 4kg worth of battery with cables, let’s round it at 4.5kg with esc more cables, heatsink, connectors. Don’t know your motors & drive weight tho.

I guess with some compromises 11-13kg AWD is doable?

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meh, for me it’s 4.5kg for batteries, 1kg for both escs, probably a nother .5kg for cables, and uhhhhh, let’s say another .8kg for esc box

so that’s already 6.8kg on the electronics alone

each gear drive is about 1kg, i’m going to guess roughly 1.2kg per motor, so that’s 8.8kg on the drivetrain
not to me tion the hangers which areeeee 850g each

it’s really hard to cut any more weight off without getting rid of the pelican and going for another opition or cutting into the deck afaik
there are some areas but, even on cabling, i’m as little as i can get including the necessary slack so i don’t break anything under stress

11-13kg is almost touching prebuilt levels of weight, and if you wanna i clude a battery, that’s a lot you’re askin for

maybe more possible tho with a street oriented build, i forgot that’s an option, but every last bit of weight will have to count

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There’s one or two kg to be saved on the deck with the magical power of tubes but it’s labor intensive and more fragile

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Dang that’s heavy for ESCs what kinda heat sinks are causing that weight?

Dang those are heavy parts, have you thought of using less than 1km of wire and an ESC box made of a lighter material like aluminum or plastic?

500 really isn’t that much for wiring
it has to go to each esc and from each esc to motor and so on, not to mention my unconventional battery

also, 500g per esc * 2 = 1kg

is this real?


Going for lightweight AND 4x drive seems difficult. Can save weight n go for one or two motors.

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2wd is 100% the way to go for lightweight/jumping

4wd is basically just 2 boards, 1 deck, and the battery has to be able to handle both sides so it can’t be a small pack for the most part


He bumped into a group ride in nyc.
Test rode a kaly and decided he wants one.