Light cruiser wishlist - what are you thinking about?

Hey guys

It seems like everyone is pushing bigger/faster/heavier/more power, so I thought about the opposite - how small/light/convenient/daily can we go?

I have my Spud now as a daily cruiser, it’s 7.5kg, 30" and it serves me nicely, I love it.
But, carrying it around is not the most convenient thing, it’s bulky when not riding, and quite heavy when not riding.

So the question is: if you can design your ideal daily commuter, what would you do?
Length? Width? Folding?
Replaceable batteries?
Acceptable weight?
Carrying handles?

I would love to hear your ideas

Use a short deck and small urethane wheels with a single drive and high capacity cells with a low p count. Should be easily mall grabable then you can take it anywhere no issue


After ridding a hybrid style AT board for a couple months now I realized I need a smaller and lighter board for when going into stores and stuff so I started work on this guy-

It’s geared to go around 22 mph, hopefully get 15 miles of range and be light enough to carry around. My 2 top priorities are portable/lightweight and have a decent range.

I’m actually currently 34.5 hours into a print for its enlosure!


Ooh that looks nice! Same deck that mmaner swears by?

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I don’t believe so it’s a skateshred deck

Are those Cals or TBs?

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There Cal ll

What is the expected weight?

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I’m not sure yet but I’m hoping not more than 15 pounds.

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If you really want light I’m working on something that’ll be 10 pounds

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Thank you for the input guys.

I know this is the reasonable weights and sizes, I have one of these.
My question with this thread is more general, what would you want it to be?

Is mall grabbing the best carrying option out there?
If you could make whatever you want, how will it fold?

I’m asking practicality here.
For example, I thought that Linky is the best option out there (purely speculative, I don’t own one), then I saw this post. It’s big even folded, and I can’t imagine this is very convenient.

My understanding for this type of boards the carrying/handling when not riding is important.
So, what is the best way? What is out there?

The people who ride classic skateboards have it all figured out already, it seems to be a good balance of control and maneuverability on and off the board

For me it’s a light board, adjusting battery capacity with focus on how much range do you need, for example, using the Samsung 40T, 11S1P is too little range, but 10S2P it too much and just dead weight, a 7S2P or 8S2Pwould be perfect, this can be made in a single strip at the middle of the board for a compact enclosure

For motors, dual drive is a must, and I’m coming to the conclusion that the lightest alternative is doing a custom direct drive with 6355 motors

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I would use an extremely lightweight deck with an abs enclosure. Then I would put decent hubs on it and a small but powerful battery. Something like a 30T 12s 2p. Charge only and a flipsky dual 6.6 with switch.
Watch this space…


I found a well placed handle can work wonders.

Turned my 15 lb (about 7 kg) tayto into a perfect portable light weight cruiser that can still handle alot.

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Would you carry an extra battery just in case?

I was thinking a bag like this for my upcoming board-

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That is a good idea bro. :joy:

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Nice one!

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What do you prefer?

Full sized and folding?
Or smaller board?