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LHB - what is he even doing now

i do a lot of stuff. i build customs, do assembly, shipping, and repair work for other eskate companies, do after market battery mods on Evolves, build custom packs for other people’s builds, waste money on parts i may or may not need, provide upgrades and service with my own customers. and occasionally build and ride something for myself.

im starting this thread so ill have a place to occasionally post the random stuff i’m doing, like this evo i stripped and painted a base coat on today which has got a 14S8P 30Q pack and stormcore on gears and 110mm thane getting bolted on to it when its done for an existing customer wanting an upgrade.

and i built out this red stained witchblade gtd on gears and adjustable baseplates for another dude the other day

a few days before that i finished up a flux motion build with trampa escs and a 3DServisas / metal matrix truck combo on gears and 8" mbs rims and tires for a dude in tampa

and i just took two more commissions, one is another flux motion build but on belts and one’s an evo with 96 40Ts on belts. why the sudden belt love? who knows, i just work here.

im also building out a pack for somebody here and will be rebuilding a pack in a classic 2016 witchblade gt in the coming days for one of my year one (or maybe year two) customers.

hella busy failing successfully.

oh yeah and this forum.


IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME. I’ve wanted you to do this for so long, and I get why you didn’t. But this always needed to happen.


Thanks bill. People approach me and ask me to do things. That’s what LHB is.

Sometimes the things are interesting, sometimes they are kinda mundane. Sometimes its shit i would never usually do if left to my own devices, and sometimes its stuff i should have already been doing.


I can confirm this lol


Also, i would like to bring a positive closure to a 3 year old mystery. About 3 years ago, fedex lost a customer’s board . i had a case number, the works. Most of that story is here:

So nate’s board was gone forever, or so i thought.

A few days ago, i got an email from a guy wanting me to replace an enclosure on his board i built a while back. i was like “i build a lot of boards, send me pics.” When he did i about shit myself and had to call @jamie . I was seeing a ghost.

Turns out his friend works for fedex and he got his board back just a few months ago after digging around for it! It must have sat in a warehouse for well over two years.

Crazy times man.


How much money would it take for you to do a video building a board while absolutely wasted and talking about your esk8 journey


such a great idea!!!


Drunk board building on video? It would have to be street tested afterwards. I’d do it for $2K. Seems fair. Caveat being i don’t know what’s being sent to me and somebody else has to manage that.


this is where a great idea runs afoul
or is awry a better word…

maybe a muck… probably a muck…

could be askew… maybe… askew

nope… it’s cockeyed… definitely this idea went cockeyed


That would be fucking sick video to be completely honest. Being sent random parts and making it all work.

Alright, how bout I drive over with all the parts necessary to complete a board. I’ll bring beers, liquor, weed, shrooms, literally anything you want. I’ll interview you while filming the process.

Whose board it is you may ask? Mine. Pretty much exchanging labor for free substances and esk8 video material while meeting a sexy man


I knew it. Just for that, i’m going to make you solder all of these:


I’m gonna need a lot of flux to solder on those o-rings, but you got yourself a deal



You’re welcome


that’s what we call marañon back in my country


Oh, so that’s why you keep calling me “Maracon.” Mystery solved!


Actually it’s spelled “maricon” but yes. That means billy boi :rofl:


Thanks. That makes me really feel like one of the guys!


I remember you put that up about the missing board…

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You must feel that way a lot as a woman


will you fuckers just get a room

this thread definitely went pear-shaped…