Latest List of NPE-Authorized Molicel Vendors/Distributors

Here’s the latest list of NPE-authorized vendors/ distributors of Molicels, also known as Global Distribution Partners (GDP). N-Power Energy Limited (NPE) is the global distributor for Molicels to our community (and others).

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Many vendors sell Molicels but, in my opinion, the GDP’s are the ones we can always trust to have good cells. If their prices are higher that is for a reason…you are buying good cells as direct from the manufacturer as possible. Many vendors buy their cells from a GDP so there are other sources for great cells.

Please feel free to share this list:


Central iowa vapors has p42 for 12.00 and they are outa stock


Good lord that’s a pretty penny for a cell :eyes:


Wowch…pretty penny indeed. :scream:
Never checked their prices.

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For reference fogstar’s prices fall ~50% if you go to their wholesale site instead. I thiiink they talk about minimum 30 cells, but then the wholesale site lets you order from MOQ 1


They key word here. Vape prices seem to always have been nutty, I can imagine it’s only gotten worse in these times.

min of £75 order i think

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ah thanks yeah makes sense. I’m just glad I bought cells right before shit hit the fan (or at least before it got as bad as it is right now)

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Thanks Mooch!

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