Larger motor pulley = more efficient?

When looking for a larger motor pulley, I came across this Lacroix FAQ answer, that states you’ll get up to 10% more range with a 20t motor pulley.

Does this line up with your guys’ real world experience?




Not without a corresponding wheel pulley size increase, to maintain the same ratio.

Changing the gearing for a higher top speed will decrease your range.


For real? Is the lacroix statement simply inaccurate?

Unless there is information missing, it certainly looks inaccurate to me. Let’s hope it’s a typo, and not simply designed to boost pulley sales.


Either way I just spent $60 on pulleys that I thought would give me slightly more range :slightly_frowning_face:.

I’m sure lacroix will let me cancel the order though

Yeah they don’t let you cancel orders. Apparently it’s company policy but as far as I’m aware it doesn’t say this anywhere


Smoother bends in the belt will reduce heating losses in the belt, but that’s small potatoes.
If it matches your riding style to put you at the peak of your motor’s efficiency map, it could increase range by a few percent.


I know they don’t do returns, but I literally just put the order in an hour ago. You don’t think they cancel an order like that?

Good luck. I repeatedly asked them over email to cancel my order and was met with “it’s our policy to not allow order cancellation.” It doesn’t say it anywhere in the t&c though as far as I remember?

Is that even legal?

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God knows. They refused to cancel mine though. And what arrived was a stormcore with a connector wonky and £70 import tax/vat.

Company policy means nothing. A company can choose to do whatever they want, as long as it’s not illegal. After all, they choose their own policies, right? They can also choose to change them or abolish them. The phrase “company policy” is usually simply an excuse to convince you to expect less service. The phrase itself is nigh meaningless to a consumer. (It may be more relevant for staff) Either way, the company is making a decision to do what it’s doing.

This is a general statement and not specific to this company or this product.


Ah I’m surprised they wouldn’t take a return for merchandise that arrived in poor shape.

That’s also somewhat different than cancelling an order that hasn’t shipped yet. Ive never run into a retailer that refused to cancel an order that wasn’t fulfilled yet.

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Neither have I which is why I was shocked when they didn’t consider a refund, not get back to me until it has been shipped.

I’m not a fan of them anymore anyways. Seems like a shitty company to me

Their statement is using 20t is more efficient on “their” board compared to 16T and does not necessarily said larger motor pulley = more efficient for “all” boards. It’s all about efficiency which involves a lot of factors like motor kv/kt, usual motors’ operating duty cycle, weight, gear ratio, etc…

On my personal experience with chain drive with 200mm wheels, 65t wheel sprocket and motor sprockets ranging from 9t to 16t. I’m heavy, the board is also heavy, I just cruise around on flat road with nominal motor operating duty cycle @ 40-60%, and the most efficient motor sprocket I use for that is 14t.
On my smaller streetboard with 120D cloudwheel, 27t wheel sprocket, nominal motor operating duty cycle @ 50-80%, the most efficient motor sprocket is 9t.

So, yah, it’s not just about the size of the motor pulley but the gear ratio among other factors. It just so happen that 20t motor sprocket is allegedly more efficient compared to 16t for Nazare and Lonestar.


Why would a 20t pulley give you more range though on a lacroix jaws, vs a 16t pulley?

To use my jaws as an example, 12s and 190kv motor at full unloaded speed is 8,200 rpm.

Let’s say I change the pulley to 20t and ride the exact same. Now my motor is only going 6,150 rpm, but I’m traveling on my board the same speed.

Is a motor usually more efficient at lower rpm?


In my experience smaller motor pulleys or larger wheel pulleys offer more efficiency.


It depends but in general no. If you’re talking about lower as in moving from “all the poor thing can take” down to 75% then yes, but in most cases you’re moving away from the efficiency peak. It could be the case that they’re testing range at some speed that’s pushing it on their small pulley and more comfortable on the bigger one, but that’d be a weird unrepresentative edge case. Also consider that even if you spend a lot of your time at a fixed moderately high speed, you still have to accelerate and decelerate a lot, and starting from zero speed is definitely less efficient on a higher gearing


No company can deny a cancelled order, when you are able to refuse delivery or simply send it back. In either case, a simple credit card dispute would sort it out.
Do you guys(lacroix and that one guy up there) not understand commerce?


The bottom line here is that efficiency is highly subjective.
Jus buy all pulleys from 16t to 24t and try em out to find out which works best.

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