Landyachtz EVO | 12s4p | TB DirectDrive 75kv|Unity| ABEC 97mm Clones

Hello everybody,

I am expecting my DirectDrives from Torqueboard to arrive next week. I’m currently driving an Enertion Raptor 2.1 but i’m going to slaughter my Raptor and keep only a few components (Unity, Battery, Remote Reciver, Battery LCD & Charging port) for a new DIY build.

  • The battery will be converted from 10s4p to 12s4p (BMS d140) by a user from the builders forum

  • The deck for this build will be the Landyachtz Evo 39" Skate and Explore (2018) with an enclosure from

  • The ESC will be the FocBox Unity

  • Wheels are the 97mm Lazyrolling Glows

  • Battery LCD indicator & Charging port I’d love to take over from the Raptor. Is this possible at 12s? What do I have to pay attention to?

I’ll probably need some more raisers and screws. Did I miss anything else?

Pictures will follow as soon as the reconstruction begins.:partying_face:


How will you add 8x more cells? You shouldn’t mix used cells with new ones.
I don’t think the LCD will work. But they are cheep anyway


Rewrapping and resolding. That pack wasn used that much.

i mean, people do it with the boosted board “battery hack”


You need to find the same cells they use though.

just arrived, so sexy

If someone from europe needs one


Next Part is here


Today, with the help of friends, we placed the enclosure on the deck.

First the enclosure was fixed to the deck with tape and marked with drilling marks.

Drilling with an angle so that the screw lies better on the angled edge of the enclosure.

Screwed into the drilled holes.


(Watch this, I’m gonna make @Sender cry…)
I’m with you brother, damn some inserts :grinning:



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i don’t get it lol

@Sender doesn’t like wood screws, he likes inserts. I like messing with @Sender. Throw all that in a pot and stir liberally :grinning:


I just realized you used inserts. The screw heads messed me up, they look like wood screws. Are those machine thread screws?



Your powers are weak, old man.


Of course. But I will buy black screws from Amazon because our local dealer only had these.

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My kung fu is strong young one, you have much to learn :grinning:


The heads on this look exactly like sheet metal screws I use at work, weird :grinning:


I would never just drill into it with any screws or inserts. These 8 screws have taken some time to sink :sweat_smile:. Don’t wanted to ruin this deck and enclosure.

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Instead of purchasing new bolts just to be black. If you get some oil and a blowtorch you can blacken the ones you already have… saves buying new bolts.

Search on YouTube about blackening bolts at home and there are plenty of videos on how to do it. You can also get blueing liquid which adds a layer of protection when you do it

Just thought I’d pass that on and save you buying new bolts if you just want them to be black :+1: