Landyachtz 10two4/12s2p30q/6380

Getting close to finishing this build off, which is my first legit build, and i thought it was time to share. I haven’t seen a pantheon trip built into an esk8 as of yet, but the deck is pretty sweet. Its still too low though so will be moving to a different deck.

Parts list:
Pantheon trip 9ply > landyachtz 10two4
Abec 107’s soon to be foamies
12s2p 30q
FCESC mini 4.20
@torqueboards 6380 single (waiting on 2nd motor to arrive any day now)
@Janux-esk8 mounts
Flipsky vx1
Mboards enclsoure that i had lying around and decided to reinforce with fibreglass on the inside (because abs sucks)

Still a bit to do, but its sweet right now. And yes thats a tesla badge :star_struck:


My favorite deck right there. Clean and beautiful.


Thanks man!

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Hah ur not the only one :stuck_out_tongue: i love your build. I just top mounted it since i scrape the deck already steering full lean on 90mm. I used this as my backup ride, the carve is just so good.

Buuut then i fried my hobbywing esc and faceplanted again, feelsbad.


Pantheon trip is an awesome deck but the early models tended to crack around the neck. 3 of 3 people I know that have them had that problem.

Is the 9 ply thicker then previous models? Can’t remember what mine was


I dont know, i bought mine at sickboards. They sell the 7,8,9 ply versions. The deck is really nice also found that normal caliber or paris trucks can fit max 90 mm wheels without getting wheelbite. Also 44° baseplates are not optimal for this deck since 80 mm will be the max i think and it lowers your deck a bit which will cause the deck scraping the ground while steering.

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No wheelbite? I know it’s fairly common among 85mm+ wheels with the narrow tkp setup everyone in traditional skate rides with.

I don’t get wheel bite with 90mm on normal calibers, but thats no wheelbite with about 1 mm of play :smiley: i wonder if OP gets it with those massive wheels he has.

I just picked up the 31" version of the Pranayama Trip from muirskate for black Friday. If cracking is an issue then I may need to look into Carbon Fiber skinning the underside since I was also planning on DKP.

Looks like a single stack enclosure is ideal too based on the ground clearance that’s even more minimal than I though it would be, but that’s the double drop life I guess. How often are you scraping with how it’s setup now?

The ground clearance is about 3-5 cm on 90mm on dropthrough, i can measure tomorrow if you want. Also the scraping is at full full lean when the road is not totally flat i think. If you top mount it maybe a single stack can work.

Nah no need to measure, thanks tho! Good to see other’s using this deck. I’m looking forward to it.

Using caliber baseplates you get wheel bite because of shortening the wheelbase, im usingthe tb baseplates and a 14mm riser and i have easy enough room for foamies at 120mm.

I think the other models are 7 ply and that may be why they cracked?

Haha lowrider on hubs must be really cool to ride :ok_hand:t2:

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If yours is 7 ply i would probably skin it, even mine flexes at 9 ply and im about 80 kg

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Wheels showed up, they dont feel too soft in hand but i have high hopes


I’m about that weight and the deck is 9ply as well according to the website. But skinning may still be in the cards anyway. I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

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Could probably even fit trampa gummies on it

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Looks good man, thoughts on dkp on it dropthrough?

I tried dkp with the evolve trucks, just too much flex for me