Lacroix Boards Interview: Johnny answers all the questions

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We finally cornered Jean-Francois Bouchard (Johnny) of Lacroix Boards on google hangouts long enough to get some questions answered. Johnny and I go way back, so it was a fun talk and we got to the bottom of some serious mysteries like where he learned magic and what’s the worst and most hilarious mistake he’s ever made.

We cover all the basics, such as how he got into esk8, how he got started with Lacroix and even got some random opinions out of him. Then we turned it over to the forum members as I went down the list of questions and comments they demanded answers for. Important questions such as who has sent him the most broken stuff to fix, what gear he’s currently lusting after, and will he put out on the first date and if so how about Tuesday. Just to be clear: Johnny may put out on the first date depending on who it is, but not on Tuesday. That’s taco night.


Jonny. You can taco my dick on Tuesday. Know what I’m sayin’?


Ok real comments.

Damon casually drinking stella artois, otherwise known as “wifebeater” in the UK :joy:

That interview was really awesome, even the super cringy bit at the end where you tried to casually advertise bioboard and Jonny shot you down like a slice of American bacon Haha.

More of these! Interview @DerelictRobot next. Make sure his wife Sean is nearby.


Nearby?! I want them holding hands like an old married couple

@JohnnyMeduse great podcast learnt a few things. @longhairedboy great work :slight_smile:


Haha I thought I was looking too much into that but alas my gut was right. Lol

I missed the thread for asking questions. I was going to ask boxers or briefs.

Great interview @longhairedboy

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who’s the hot chick in the background? Oh wait…

Not a chick… :wink:


LMFAO that’s my son Jake.


That was a great interview @longhairedboy, you are for more personable than Skatan had led me to believe :).

@JohnnyMeduse, I did not realize you had a French accent, I desperately want you to record yourself meowing for my phone ring-tone :slight_smile:



Lord Skatan works in mysterious ways.

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Canuck, they actually don’t understand the French accents and phrases too well and vise versa too

Super show, get two ferns


I just finished watching the interview, I think the most important point to be made in the entire discussion is at 47:10. I thank you for that @JohnnyMeduse :slight_smile:


Holy shit! Long haired boy has a long haired little boy who isn’t that little at all… My world has been turned upside down!!!


That was a 33cl Stella :beers: Salút!

I used to follow him on Instagram and then unfollowed him because I had no idea who he was. Just knew that he has been around for a while and has been with LHB for a while

Makes a lot of sense now :joy:

yeah, my go to big beer. Right tool for the job, and all that. Needed the big beer to get through the forum comments. 7-11 has them 2 for $5 which is a great excuse to stop and skate a mile and half real quick. Its almost 3 beers in one bottle which is very convenient because carrying around almost three beers separately can get clangy.


I can’t get through them fast enough before they go off a little otherwise I try and pissed me is the result, $5 for two is nothing!


That not really a French france accent that a north american french accent.


Trailer park Boys meets Pepe Lepew.
Great interview shoulda started drinking Earlier :+1:


I’m going to get you on hangouts one of these weeks man. It needs to happen.