Kushboard Sprint - Redember 44 | Avio MK1 Gear Drive | Dual SK3 192kv 6374s | Kahua Trucks | Superstars widened w/ 155mm | 12s5p P42A | Stormcore 60D

Looks sexy :fire::fire:

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@Linny I wanted to ask you about fwd. Did you end up keeping it this way? Do you still really like it? I’m considering trying it for a hub build I’m making atm.
Those SRB’s are gonna be SICK

Yes, i will still be sticking to FWD for this.
It feels a lot better when taking turns at speeds. I do enjoy FWD more.


Do you think it would have its merits in a traditional street skate? I’m probs gonna do it just to try lol. Super easy to go back if I don’t like it. Thanks for letting me know!

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Not sure. I have not tried on urethane so i can’t say. I know someone who tried FWD for the first time said that braking when downhill feels weird for him so you can experiment accelerating and braking on both flat ground and uphill/downhill to see if you can tell the difference.

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Remember when everyone used to say that? What happened to science? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Assembly is underway.

@Boardnamics should i put retaining compound on the threads of the adapter?


I just about told you your drivetrain is on the front truck until i remembered this.

Also interested in what gets retaining compound/loctite on jevins adaptors.

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I ended up using 638 retaining compound on the threads of the adapter. I do not want it to come loose and slam the motor to the ground if it ever happens.

I also applied more compound on the face of the lock nut. Once i have it tightened down well, i used a wrench and loosened the lock nut by a tad, this makes the adapter and lock nut smush to each other, hopefully preventing and possible movement from high torque

Also, a flat table is perfect for aligning motor angles.

Oh my god its beautiful.

Still missing the longer bolts for the wheel to adapter for the gear drive, and stainless screws for the gearbox, but its almost there!


Threadlocking everything.

It is time…


Side by side of the old drivetrain and the new.

Finally got the chance to use the dyed connectors @PixelatedPolyeurthan did for me!

It took a lot of wrestling with the board to fit the drivetrain side on, and making it rest nicely with the tunnel riser

And here she is…

Its insanely late now so I’ll crash for the night, testing it with the ol mini remote first.

There has been known issues with running 12s on a 60D with 245kv motors. Which is exactly what im running on. Hopefully the stuttering does not happen if not im gonna cry. Will report back! @rusins @Dunkan

Also, i hope i did the 3 link truck hardware justice with this new upgrade! Props to @DEEIF for letting me swoop his set, and @MoeStooge of course for making this awesome truck.


Looks incredible Linny!

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Did a few rounds in the carpark. No stutters? Everything works fine!

Acceleration and braking is a bit lacking because of 245kv so i bumped my motor max and brake to 140A and -140A.

So everything works fine now, its time for the next thing… the Zmote.



Okay… it’s a 60D+, does that help? :face_holding_back_tears:

Some people get drv faults at 100 motor amps on a 60D+. Be careful. Drop your fault time to 80ms to make sure you dont get bucked off if you get one


Got it, thanks!

Nice board :heart_eyes:


the green nipple is just
mr bean


Maybe try no limits fw, you got a heatsink in there?