Kushboard Jr | Jet Spud deck | Avio Urethane Gear drive | 10S3P 30Q | Dual 6354 190kv

This build is planned to be a commuter. So a couple things are required.

  • Short deck
  • Single drive
  • Decent range

Hence, i chose the Jet spud. This measures 74cm/29", so even when mall grabbing this, it wouldn’t touch the floor. I’m also a medium sized fella so this deck is perfect.

Paired with it were gold Caliber IIs and Abec Reflys 97mm

Using Janux dual idler belt drives again. Paired with it is a single Torqueboards 6374 motor.

Using a 10s3p battery and a TB VESC.

Got the @eBoosted Jet spud enclosure, it was just released at the time.

Had to reverse mount due to the long motor mount hitting the enclosure. No biggie.

And it’s done! As you can see, motor clearance is terrible.

Marc from Janux was able to cut a longer mount with a different angle for the holes so i can pivot it higher.

Here’s some ‘in the wild’ shots. Used this as my daily rider to and from work everyday for a span of 6 months or so.

Then, its upgrade time.

And you know that i gotta paint it.

Changed to 107mm Reflys.

Also changed some internals to make it neater and to a Flipsky 4.12

Sprayed some Truck bedliner for durability and scratch resistance. Beautiful.

@avX made a small batch of urethane gear drives at the time and i got a set.

Also using the Avio remote mod, a mini remote mod basically.


With the gear drive, my range was increased from 40km on the belt drive, to 50km due to the free roll and almost zero drag. I ride 7km everyday, and i only have to charge it once at the end of the week. Single gear drives are perfect for commuter builds. That’s all folks!


Nice. How is braking with only one motor?

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Very nice Linny, put together and finished like a production board, Loving the form and function from the thought put in.

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Its decent, able to come to a full stop within 1.5m. Definitely not as good as dual 6355s are, but hey its a single drive.

Thank you Alan!

Sick build man! I’m very interested in building something similar, what made you choose gear drive over belt drive (Also did it cost more/less)? Also how much did all this come around to? Thanks!

I chose a gear drive so that i could mount the motors forward. On this deck and enclosure, a long belt drive with a motor mount will hit, so the gear drive has tons of clearance. Also, the free roll is amazing! I’d highly recommend getting a gear drive if you have the buck. It’s like a belt drive, without the drag! You can just let go of the throttle and let it roll and roll.

Total cost of the final set up, i’d say is around 1k USD.


The revised version looks absolutely swick. Great work as always @Linny. Love your build threads. :fire:


I love it. I wish you liked roses. Your taste for style makes me feel uneasy. Well as long as cops ignore you it’s fine


Good evening fellas,

Remember when I said a single 6374 is strong? It is! I just sorta outgrew it. Also I found that it has a little problem with traction when going down inclines which are slightly damp. So its upgrade time!


First, i touched up the paint job and removed the griptape, and replaced it with truck bedliner, and then sprayed the corresponding color over it. I also sealed up the previous holes on the enclosure and placed the power switch, charge port and batt indicator on top of the enclosure instead for easy reach.

Used it for awhile… then i found that i sorta outgrew single drives… it had trouble with traction when going uphill at the estate near where Jeff lives.

A spare drive appeared!

Jeff’s urethane gear drive is discontinued, so these are pretty rare. Also, it only fits trucks that are E-Caliber length or longer. @Boardnamics just released the 184mm precision trucks and the shoulder bolt is about the same length as the E-Caliber axle so i got it instead.

The gear drive mount has to be turned to a specific diameter to fit, so i did it on the lathe. Uploading: 20191213_193112.jpg…

Meanwhile, i set up the front truck first. I definitely feel the difference compared to Caliber IIs. Much more snappy and responsive, and i feel more confident going faster on it.

Comparison in truck width. The front is the Boardnamics 184mm, and the rear is still the Caliber II.

Test fitting

And with a new gearbox, the old one was beat up.
I also got the MakerX ESC. Let’s see how this fares.

Flipsky 6354s, 190kv. Almost ready to assemble.


That’s a nice plate to put the voltage meter.

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Absolutely beautiful. Love your work man. I’m curious how the makerx will hold up (just got two myself), and how the bedliner griptape is working out? Did you use black? It looks great!

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The bedliner is super durable. I have the same thing going on my Falcon Evo deck, even the paint sprayed on top of the bedliner has not even worn off yet.

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What brand did you use? I’ve used spray and brush on stuff before (on truck beds, lol) and have seen a pretty big variety of outcomes. I was looking at putting line-x on an enclosure because it seems to be the toughest. Not sure how well it holds paint though.

The one i used is a spray on. However, it’s a 2k spray version that has a hardener activator in the can, hence it being more durable i guess. The brand is samurai paint if you’re curious.


Almost there. I got the mounts sprayed candy green to match my baseplates. It’s time to assemble!

Mounts and motors go on

Adjusting backlash
On goes the 107s, gearbox and boom! Mounted on the deck, and yep its a tunnel riser down there, routes cleanly into the enclosure since the enclosure is right where the baseplate is.

I’ve yet to solder the bullet connectors for the MakerX ESC since it’s 2:30am now so i’ll continue in the morning, run detection and all, and go for a test ride.


Hooked up the MakerX. Also I noticed that the wiring for the sensor port is flipped. I had to cut the JST connector and directly solder it to the motor sensor wire to its corresponding pinout. So yea, normal sensor wires would not work.

And it’s done! Just in time for build of the year maybe?

I love the look of the candy green with the emerald green, with black. A much deserved upgrade from the single 6374. Surprisingly it’s not too heavy from the extra motor and gearbox. I’m currently using 107s but I will eventually use black coloured foamies which I’ve dyed. It’s much more comfortable to ride, and it gives better ground clearance since its 120mm. Currently on @avX’s board for testing on his drive.


Excellent as always dude :ok_hand:, that ‘clearance’ makes me wince a little though :grimacing:

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I rode one as a single on 107s for a good 8 months. It holds up ok on streets in my area but the 120mm foamies will be much better