Knox Orsa Textile Gloves

I went looking for gloves to my local motorcycle shop today and I found these:

These seem to offer a little more protection than the Knox e-skate gloves. Yet they are not too warm and they are not in the way when holding and using the remote (I use the AVIO mod to the mini remote). I like them. Just wanted to share the tip.


I’ve never wore one with pad. I only wear gloves with wrist guard which is kinda unconformable for remote but I never considered gloves without wrist guard. Those wrist guards are so scratched I know if I didn’t wear those that would be my wrist. So here is the question, would gloves like those be enough to protect my wrist?

And found very similar ones on flatland3d


They have what Knox calls SPS - Scaphoid Protection System. It supposedly prevents wrist injury. Here’s some info about it:

Not sure how much it really helps and how much it’s marketing bullshit.


Hey. @janpom do you still wear these gloves?

Do you like them.

I like the form factor of my Flatland3d but they keep falling apart.

That’s so much true.
I wouldn’t expect a 70$ glove to fuck up so early. The quality of the seams is just shit on them.


I do. I like them a lot. Highly recommended. :ok_hand:

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Where are my full length flatland3d gloves at?? I"m wearing some comfortable fox MTB ones right now, but they aren’t more than a thin ish leather layer of protection. Better than nothing but not as protective as ones with built in sliders

Awesome gloves, love these!

I went with a larger size than their chart said and they fit great. @malJohann did as well if I remember correctly.

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Thanks guys.
now I need to find a shop in the states that has them…