Ken Bruce Has Gone Completely Mad - glyphiks fire sale

Checks my last payslip and converts to Australian pesos

@glyphiks definitely deserves more.


glazer! ha the old man was a glazer! He was a right cunt(American,not Ausie)choke on those Bemsion and Hedges pop!. Thanks for never coming back ye olde cunt ye!
I can get you a union operting engineers spot if you can operate …anything .Ill warn you though in America when women see you in a class 3 high viz shirt,well most arent in to that shit,


Not a problem, Al hunts a different kind of game these days :kissing_heart:


His hand can’t get away, Rosie is a fine partner .
I can tell women I work wit lasers and satellites


Shame we’re all out of wallabies here.


Still have spiders !!


well played :rofl:

I’m actually a carpenter by trade, but the conditions for this position were too good to pass up. at the very bottom end of what I would like to be paid, but ZERO responsibility, use their vehicles, use their tools and get paid to travel. plus the warehouse is super close to home.


Should just be one of those deck building cunts, take 50k from some pleb like me and then get the apprentice to do the lot.

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yeah i could do that if the conditions were right. not interested in running my own business tho, too much responsibility/stress.

I’m not driven enough to run my own business. I have absolutely zero interest in that shit. I just like going to work and doing what i’m told.

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@xsynatic this sale is over bud, I’m officially sold out. pls close :kissing_heart:

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