Ken Bruce Has Gone Completely Mad - glyphiks fire sale

Righto cocks.

This has been brewing for some time now but I’m biting the bullet and calling it quits.

I have 6 x JBD/LLT smart bms left (3 x 10-17s and 3 x 6-21s) and i’m not gonna be ordering any more. Once these are gone, i’m done.

Can build with p42a or p28a, and offering my ‘Good Cunt’ discount on all the final builds. Works out to about 10-15% off what I would charge a regular cunt. Australian buyers only.

Once they are gone, they are gone, I’m not gonna be building packs again after this. When I’ve completed the last pack I’ll probably sell a kweld and a bunch of battery building materials too, but for now lets just move some packs.

Cheers cunts, tell your friends.

Edit: only 2 x 10 - 17s bms are left, everything else is accounted for. get in now before it’s too late!


Say it aint so :sob::sob::sob:. Now who’s gonna build my packs. I’m devo but also glad for you moving on up.


Sadly it is so.

Need to start a new chapter, this one has peaked. My modus operandi has always been all or nothing, so gotta wrap this up and move on.


Vesc hurt this guy real bad


Eska8 all together, or building for others?


Mate, best builder in Aus, shame to see you stop. Good luck with whatever you have planned.

@JeffyJ , perhaps we should club together and buy al’s shit. I could do with a second kweld.


Yeah well maybe it’s time i learn to build my own packs. I’m not against this idea at all.


I too like a good fire sale on batteries :ok_hand: #xlr


Dang gonna miss you


Damn, another one bites the dust.

3-4 more guys like you leave and this forum can shut down.

Good luck with your next endeavors m8


Dang, idk who else I’d trust in Australia to build packs for zoobomb boards we sell down there (not that we ever did but you were our #1 choice lol)


Can you share what your next adventure is? I can’t help but feel that battery builders don’t charge enough money per hour when building packs. It’s impossible to understand how much time and effort goes into these things unless you are a builder, and you build them to the highest standards you are capable of, which Glyphiks obviously did. Anyhow, I hope you find much success in your next endeavor, whatever it may be. I hate seeing people leave esk8 building, regardless of all. the. things. but hey, life is complicated.


Not sure what the next adventure is mate, it will present itself eventually tho.

The decision is definitely not financially based, building batteries is well worth the time for me, it’s more of a priorities thing. Esk8 has become pretty stagnant for me, building and riding. Would rather spend my limited free time on something different, where there is gonna be more to experience.

I guess the biggest clincher for me in this decision is that I have come to accept that I’ve been using esk8 as a distraction. I always knew this was the case, I started building at a very difficult time in my life (we lost a daughter) and esk8 was my way of staying busy so that I didn’t have to deal with sitting in my emotions. But now I have truly recognised that rhe distraction is more of a hindrance than a help.

My recent sobriety stint has made me come to realise that alcoholism wasn’t my biggest problem. It was just a symptom of a larger problem which I still can’t fully define, but I know that keeping esk8 as a distraction will keep feeding that problem and keep me stuck in a negative feedback loop.

Sorry if that got deep! But that’s where I’m at!

I should note that I’ll be keeping enough gear to keep myself in good stead for future personal projects and/or any warranty issues should they arise. So I’ll still have my customers covered in the very unlikely case that I need to fulfil any warranty work.


I wanna give you a hug, mate


USA care package soon


You’ve done great things for the space man and I hope you stick around even if it’s just to chat.


Sorry for your loss. Can’t imagine losing a child. :broken_heart:That’s got to be the toughest thing to go through.
I hope you have good support for your better half and yourself.

I got into esk8 after my father passed at 57 so I get the whole distraction thing.
It worked for a while then became detrimental.

Good luck with your next trip.


Al - Just wanted to say your were a fav on the forum, and one of the main reasons I still dwell in this sacred space. Best of luck in your next endeavor/life in general brotha, I haven’t gone thru anything nearly as rough as you but therapy helps me a lot so shameless plug to talk to a shrink if you are looking to define your inner needs.


All the best for what’s next man! You’ve gone above and beyond for myself and many many others in our esk8 journeys and I can’t thank you enough.

Hope to stay in touch and look forward to seeing what’s next for you. I hope it brings fulfilment and the happiness you deserve


This is a sad periode for the esk8 community, one more of its finest is going his way
Hopefully it is the beginning of a better period for you :slight_smile:
Also, again, you can let esk8 behind, but don’t forget us and keep us updated with whatever cool project you get :slight_smile:

Edit: what are you going to do with that deck press you just got yourself ? You need need to pass the leach to someone that will not let this project die ! (No idea if there is someone else with the skills in Melbourne though?)