Kaly 4:1 straight-cut gear drive v1 [SOLD]

Reluctantly trimming down my parts shelf, this was an offer Kaly posted back in summer last year. Was planned to put on a La Croix but plans change.

I paid $480 for this kit with an additional hanger - 2 payments, reason was a realisation that I could use two identical hangers after buying the deal!

These hangers are compatible with Trampa baseplates. The hanger is 28cm/8" long

Drive assembly and maintenance thread .builders, worth saving to a pdf by whomever buys this kit.

Price: €380 + shipping to lucky person. I believe @DerelictRobot @sofu has a set of these.

Kaly is now selling a similar drive but with helical gears, that will cost you $850 before the extra hanger for this latest tech. privilege.

Ps. I changed the price up a little, squirrel me!!


You still need parts or are you good? @Dred

I’ve actually owned 2 sets of these, one still in use with over 7k miles on it. The other went into @SeanHacker’s build.

These are top tier gear drives in my book.

I’m seriously tempted to buy this to have another backup set. Grrrr… Thanks @magharees


PM’ed. Talk to me

I want this

and This is what the drive sounds like. Sexy af :metal:t3:


That sound is so familiar, like a favorite song.

They sound even more amazing if you don’t ride like a senior citizen like @CiscoV is here in the video.



Haha. Well. Thank you. That was my first real ride on my Lacroix “up front”


sounds dope :slight_smile:

my motors / belts allways remind me of angry r2-d2 sound when i push down the throttle :heart:

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I was largely kidding as it looks like you’re doing at least 25+ here.

The way they sound from a stop when you open up full throttle sounds like you’re at a track.

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I really wanna motivate someone to buy this shit ASAP.
I got to ride my boys kaly that day and man. That sweet screaming makes the ride much better than belts ha


I think we hit some 36 that day :grimacing:


Thank you gents for the helpful insight, a little disappointed at the lack of derailing

BTW these can be marked provisionally sold…just waiting on funds to arrive now.


aahhh. whats that sound? Its the sound of gear drives in my near Future :slight_smile:

@DerelictRobot will these fit trampa ultimate hangers? or do I have to use the Kaly hangers? I like the look of my ultimates so thinking of giving the kaly hangers to my friend who is in the middle of buying parts for his trampa build


For once everyone is actually interested in the part… and are busy reaching out to their bank to ask to increase their authorized overdraft :man_shrugging:

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There will be more, stay tuned

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They should. My original ones are still mounted on Trampa hangers before Ernie started making his own.

With that said these are a pain in the dick to get all aligned and built the first time, so it’s going to be a bit of a project.

I’d recommend keeping it as is and just using a Trampa in the front. Not like you can see much of the rear hanger once motors & wheels are mounted anyway.


I can’t remember the difference in length but iirc the front should be narrower…probably no biggie on handling, given you tried both probably and 7k!!!

Comes with dual 6374’s though


I want a 2.0 kaly so bad but unfortunately I don’t have a vagina n I don’t wanna wait for six months to get it.

Who wants to sell me theirs!?