Jujo's Review on the BKB DUO

This is my review of the BKB Duo by @BuildKitBoards

More in-depth review:
Really enjoyed how simple and easy it is to assemble. I was able to put it together in about an hour.
I love that all the connectors are already installed and enclosure’s water resistance is pretty well done with a foam gasket, rubber washers, and those water tight nipple things for the motor cables. I still don’t recommend riding in total wet rain, but a few small puddles and a light splash won’t cause any harm.
And I also like how the FSESC dual 4.20+ is already programmed and paired with the VX1 remote which definitely makes it a true plug and play.

Now the bad…
Clear grip tape on a pasty yellow deck?? I’m definitely changing up that shit. After the first ride, dirt becomes visible and it just makes it look worse.
I don’t really understand the difference between TrueFlex and other forms of flex, but at 180lbs, the Flex 1 is a way too flexy in my opinion. It’s not unstable or anything, but definitely uncomfortable in rough roads. My 130lb friend who grew up riding Loaded boards also thought it was a little too flexy.
When I initially ordered the board, I had selected the 97mm stock wheels AND the 105mm Cloudwheels, but to my disappointment, the 97mm wheels did not arrive.
I talked to Jared about it and I think it was an error with the initial ordering process, which is fine because I would have swapped out those wheels anyways, but it’s such a disappointment because I’m only about to get about 28mph and 11miles MAX on some pretty smooth road. I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like on the 6" pneumatics.
I checked the esk8 calculator from 3DS and the range and speed is definitely within that area.
If you’re crafty, you might be able to fit a larger battery in here. I haven’t done the proper measurements yet, but I think you might be able to fit a slightly larger battery. Is it worth it for this board though? Probably not.
I also don’t like how glossy the enclosure is, but that’s just a personal preference. I will definitely be coating it with truck bedliner.

I refrained from giving it a score or saying whether or not it’s a good purchase because it’s definitely up to the needs of the rider. But I will say it’s definitely not for me.

Feel free to ask questions!


First :neutral_face: Time to read what you wrote


Second - Great write up Jujo!


So who wants to buy my BKB Duo :smiley:


You have a nice voice. Good review bb


I agree I can’t listen to the whole video right now but @Jujo you should consider a career reading audiobooks or unboxing/reviewing stuff on YouTube.


I really wanted to do an interview type podcast with all yall. I think that would be sweet, but I’m awkward as fuck to have a conversation with.


Well practice and build confidence doing voice over your own stuff and it could improve.


Good job :call_me_hand: I wish you would have tried the flex 2 deck


After watching and reading this, kinda glad I didn’t go for it. For my purposes, I don’t think I would’ve kept ot either.


I always take one for the team


I’m also very happy my judgement was spot-on for my needs.

Strangely the same things bothered me namely the considerable difference between the overall look on the renderings vs the bleached plank shiny enclosure that was the end result. Put me right off to be frank.

I see Jared’s market, but it’s just not me.

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Bro. That sexyass voice. I think I might have just wetted my undergarments a little bit :wink:


I would be happy to participate in something like that. That’s the kinda stuff I enjoy.




I wonder if your range was so low because of the cloud wheels.
I recently got a bkb battery used but have not had a chance to do a full ride on it.
I have a very different set up and after 12.5 miles I was at 34.5 volts…

My main curiosity about this set up is how it would perform when compared to a backfire Zealot. A Wowgo 3x. And the exway flex.

I’m assuming with the 30q battery and the 6354 motors the bkb would be better but I’m just assuming…

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I would assume it’s because I’m fat as fuck. I’ve had it for almost a week and I’ve logged 50 miles maybe


My only accomplishment during the apocalypse was gaining 16 pounds going fron 225 to 236…


I probably should’ve stated that I was holding down the throttle during the entirety of my rides. I almost never just cruise at like 17 mph. I like staying around 30mph


You know, I’ve been watching a couple board review videos but these people are talking about acceleration, torque, hill climb tests, brake tests, etc. I personally don’t find any of that shit useful information

or do I just think differently cuz I’m a spoiled DIYer