Jetforce Predator Prototype a journey begins

After finishing the development of the Jetforce Interceptor which was meant to be the fastest and longest range production series hub motor board on the market, we started the first concepts of a more approachable board to extend our lineup. The goals were to design a board that is not all about range and top speed rather focused on fun and riding properties.

For that purpose we tested a lot of different decks with various shapes and flex characteristics, paired with 24 different sets of wheels and 16 different trucks in countless different bushing/washer setups.

The experiences we gained in that period of time led us to following conclusions:

  1. A flexy deck increases the joy of riding.
  2. DKP trucks are (arguably) most fun to ride.
  3. Small(isher) wheels are more fun.
  4. A lighter weight board makes portability easy and prevents struggling.
  5. You need at least 30km of range to prevent range anxiety.
  6. You need a strong acceleration (and brakes) to get that “thrill”.
  7. A durable/reliable board with low maintenance keeps your head free of worries and increases the riding pleasure.
  8. Higher riding comfort transfers in more fun on different road surfaces.
  9. A nice and sleek looking design creates a strong desire and anticipation to ride it.
  10. A nice remote or even an app with customization functions makes your life easier and your board to be yours.

With those 10 points on our bucket list we started to source as many parts as possible from the community and put them together. Now here we are!

Deck: Manta Pro - good size, nice shape, great flex, high comfort
Grip tape: Dope Grip - thick foam, increases food grip and comfort, awesome look
Enclosure: BB GFK - great quality, adds the right amount of stiffness to the deck
Trucks: 220mm DKP - fun, carvy, increases the clearance and the wheel base, no wheel bite with super loose setup.
Wheels: Orangatang Caguama 85mm 80a - grippy, not to soft for sliding, not to hard for nice comfort, good looking
Motors: Loaded - best quality, powerful, easy to install
ESC: VESC 6 - powerful, customizable
Telemetry monitoring: Metr Pro - best ESK8 data tool hands down
BMS: Bestech/Daly 12S charge only - balancing function, reliable
Battery: 12S2P 21700 40T (12S4P 50E optional) - powerful, reliable, great power/capacity/weight ratio 30-80km of range
Remote: MT V2/FS VX2 PRO - all telemetry data on screen, nice feeling
Charger: 12S 2-5A passive cooled - fast and quiet charging
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel hex screws in black

Yet there are some points which aren’t perfect yet.

  1. Due to the huge drop down and the relative small wheels the clearance is just 35mm w/o load and w/o risers. We could gain 5mm with risers but if you stand on the board you will lose more than 5mm. I personally rather prefer 50-60mm of clearance.
  2. Loaded hubs do not have hall and temp sensors yet. So you need to push start your board and you also don’t get all telemetry data.
  3. No optional bigger sleeves. It would be nice to be able to offer 100mm wheels or so as well.

I’m happy to hear your thoughts on this project!


Can you still get your hands on manta decks? I think michael stopped with eskate, he is into onewheels now.

Love the hubs on the dkp trucks though! How is that ride!?

I bought the deck month ago, but I could probably batch order them. Yet there is the clearance thing I’m not 100% happy with.

I love it too. It would be as far as I know the only hub motor DKP board on the market.

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On urethane yes i believe too and it would seem nice indeed, i would love to see some hubs that can run lets say torqueboards tires.

There is the backfire ranger ofc, but i think they have airless ones.

Yes, I’m referring to street wheels.
IDK if hubs are the best choice for an AT board.

For at not, but i think it could be very fun for lets say a streetcarver.

nice deck shape!


What is the kv on these motors? I don’t see it listed on their website


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Lookin’ good! I had a lot of fun with those hubs this last summer.

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We changed some settings and fine tuned the trucks.
I think it still could have a little more clearance, but the ride is awesome and unbelievable carvy.


First video is online :call_me_hand:t2:


Still convinced that the interceptor was fabricated by ecomobl

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