Jaykay Numbers, please discuss

Hey boys, I’ve seen news here and there about jaykay and today i stumble upon it listed on http://www.longboardshop.de/shop/product_info.php?cPath=380&products_id=5814

I know vendors usually overestimate their number but what i read seems wild.

From the specs i can see that their is four 2170 cells per truck. So 8 total.
And then they claim 12/15km range and up to 35km speed.

What do you guys, think one could get out of 8 cells in a very optimised environment?

Side not, i really dig that ring remote. If anyone knows a DIY/vesc compatible thing close to it please share.


Gotta push those numbers up or get laughed at, just ask jayjay who delivered 99% of all of his orders.

Tbh if you take it super mega easy whatever numbers they give are probably real, just not realistic

I gotta assume you ride those much unlike most of our boards.

yeah that was other people’s favorite part too. Seems too small to work well to me but I could be wrong.


Question who pays €2k to find out if their unrealistic efficiency numbers stack up?


Yeah, I don’t know what kind of battery they can cram into it

Totally fake, and overpriced and shit

For that money you can buy a overkill board easily


Probably 3 phone batteries in series lol

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That’s kind of my point. I actually like the idea of a nimble board that could boost me to the shop at the end of my street. But fuck 2000euros.
I was actually thinking, if the minimum numbers you could squeeze out of 8cells is somewhat decent, I would think about DIYing a shitty version


8s * 1p * 3.6v * 4ah 21700 cells = 115wh pack. that’s boosted v1 range. it’ll get you somewhere.


Just go for an Exway X1 or TeamGee H5. Both will get you further down the road than a JayKay.


It’s not 8S, it’s two standalone 4S trucks.

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right. he was talking about building his own. my estimate is what was possible there.

but also 2x4s vs 1x8s is still 8 cells worth of energy. so for rough estimates. still the same range. wonder how many ah cells jaykay is using.


wow, the axels actually are the battery holders. crazy.


Another way to look at it is they say:

Certified for airtravel

Which I believe means means < 99wh

Range 12 km – 15 km (7.5 miles-10 miles)

so divide 99wh/12km and 99wh/15km

they are estimating you can get:
8.3 wh/km. to 6.6wh/km or
13.2 wh/mi to 10.6 wh/mi

if those seem real to you then then you know what kind of range you can get out of their 8 cells.

wh/km varies by rider and conditions and wheels by more than 2x in my opinion.


I have always taken the jaykay numbers to basically be “push assist” numbers.




Teamgee are scammers


Sure, but what do you call unrealistic claims?

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Did they forget the decimal point for this toy level tech?

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I dont understand what you mean

Teamgee have taken peoples money then never shipped the board. Also the quality is abysmal


I second that.
Backed one of their Kickstarter for my first board ever.
Delivered with more than a year late, incomplete and after fighting them a lot. And from what I gathered, I was one of the lucky few to actually get it

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