Janux IC (Inter-Changeable) Dual Gear Drive

Price: $325 including US shipping


  • Available gear ratio 2.33 (18/42) to 3.07 (15/46)
  • Interchangeable wheel (42, 43, 44, 45, and 46) and pinion (15, 16, 17, and 18) spur gears
  • Ability to accommodate dual 6355 up to 6360 motors on SR TKP
  • Motor and PressFit adapters are precision cnc-ed from T6061 USA aluminum
  • Wheel spur gears are cnc-ed from solid rounds of USA Acetal Delrin (POM)
  • Motor spur gears are 304 stainless steel
  • All parts are machined and produced in San Diego, CA USA
  • Easy to assemble with simple hex tools

Janux IC (Inter-Changeable) Gear Drive kit includes:

  • 2x T6061 6055 Aluminum motor plates
  • 2x T6061 6055 Aluminum truck adapters (specify SR RKP, SR TKP)
  • 2x T6061 6055 Aluminum PressFit mounts (specify ABEC, or Kegel type)
  • 2x Gearbox housings
  • 2x Acetal Delrin (POM) wheel spur gear (choice of 42, 43, 44, 45, or 46t)
  • 2x 304 Stainless Steel motor spur gear (choice of 15, 16, 17, or 18t)
  • 2x Rubber Sealer V-Ring
  • 2x bearings
  • All necessary hardware

Tools you will need:

  • Size 2.5, 3.0 Hex tools
  • Loctite
  • Any gear Lubricant (Grease)

Installation Instruction

Installing the wheel spur gear :

Locate PressFit mount and wheel spur gear. :point_down:

Apply blue Loctite to thread and mate gear to PressFit mount.:point_down:

Gear/Pressfit assembly :point_down:

Installing Motor plate :

Locate motor plate and truck adapter. :point_down:

Slide motor plate over truck hangar. :point_down:

Press truck adapter onto hangar. :point_down:

Attach motor plate to adapter.:point_down:

Installing Motor :

Locate motor spur gear, 3mm key, and motor. :point_down:

Apply blue Loctite to thread, loosely install the motor to motor plate. :point_down:

Double fold a piece of paper (~0.5 to 0.75mm) to use as filler gauge. :point_down:

Insert gear and 3mm key onto motor shaft with the paper between motor plate and gear. :point_down:

Apply Loctite to thread then lockdown. :point_down:

Backlash adjustment :

Locate gear/Pressfit adapter assembly, bearing, 70mm SR shoulder bolt, silver and black spacers (provided by SR). :point_down:

Slide silver SR spacer over shaft. :point_down:

Drop bearing into adapter. :point_down:

Press gear/Pressfit assembly to wheel. :point_down:

Slide SR black spacer over shaft. :point_down:

Torque down shoulder bolt, spur gears are now loosely engaged and aligned. :point_down:

Place a folded paper in between the spur gear and the pinion :point_down:

Squeeze the spur gear and the pinion together. :point_down:

Lockdown the outside hex bolts. :point_down:

Remove the wheel assembly, lockdown the remaining inner bolts. :point_down:

Installing the motor housing :

Locate the housing and V-ring. :point_down:

Insert gear/Pressfit assembly thru housing opening. :point_down:

Lightly grease the V-ring, slide over spur boss. :point_down:

Guide assembly onto wheel ( Do not press on housing ). :point_down:

Place wheel on table, press on spur gear ( not housing ) to wheel. :point_down:

Insert SR silver spacer and bearing over shaft :point_down:

Slide SR black spacer onto shaft. :point_down:

Final assembly :

Slide housing assembly to motor plate. :point_down:

Insert bolts to complete the gear drive system. :point_down:



These look fricking sweet. Any plans for a trampa truck variant any time in the future?

These would be slick on a street carver :slight_smile:

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Now that’s how you post a product :ok_hand:t3:


Siiick… these look great.

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First MBS Pro II truck then Trampa


Looks awesome Marc can’t wait for the MBS PRO II Drives!


What about the lubricant?


Any plans to make them for calibers?

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Does this work with a 80mm bolt?
What would the size limit of the engines be with SR RKP 200mm?

Standard calibers wouldn’t be able to have duel setup

correct but e-calibers, tb 218s or any other flavor of truck with the same profile should work. but if thats what i wanted i guess i could pick up some of the other vendors gear drives.

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but you still wouldnt be able to go do on the e-cals or the standard the tb218 you could. It isn’t about the profile it is about the length of the hanger

Guys, I have been using these exact drives and can answer any questions because marc is a busy man. Let me start off by saying these things are amazing! The torque and speed you get from a pair of 6355 is pretty impressive. I took my board with this drive to Thunder in the Mountains and it did great on both street and especially the dirt. Jake and @Lunasi also got to give it a quick try. The lubricant is just grease from home depot. I use the green lucas for heavy machinery (started with red but I like the green better :man_shrugging:t3:). I have several metr pro readings, can go up steep hills and have a max speed of 33 mph on the 17/42 setting. I still think i could get it to go faster plus there is one faster setting at 18/42! I am not being given anything by marc to test these but i offered to buy them after testing because I have fallen in love with gear drives! Having something so modular means I can always use it! Im very excited for people to try these out


He has them for caliber 2 trucks. My setup is dual 6355 on calibers


Grease is applied to the gear before final assembly.

I’ve developed a dual setup for standard Cal truck running pneumatic tires. :point_down: Also @Bobby is currently running the same setup. My Janux IC gear drive does not require e-Cal for a dual 6355s setup. Everything is designed around the standard axle length of regular Cal.

My Janux IC “Naked” Gear Drive :point_down:


that naked version is amazing. :drooling_face:


Are they up for sale on your website?

Currently for sale on the forum, probably up on my website sometimes next week.

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Preview Janux IC Gear Drive, SR RKP dual 6374 :point_down: