It's just an upgrade baby | 22S | finality AT 1:5 | 8.5x3"

it’s been a while.

  • 22s4p p45b, ennoid bms
  • 100V Ubox
  • reacher 6395 102KV
  • 3DS Finality AT 1:5
day 1 - trucks came

day 2 - it seems not all 8.5x3 tires are the same

(the distance should be 134mm. dammit!)

day 3 - crappy trampa parts and painful cable management

oh, and did I mention, that the holes in the deck are not precisely drilled? and that there were no holes for the dogbones? and that the front and back holes offset is different? (on one side, the truck baseplate peeks before the edge of the board, on the other its hidden)

day 4 - cable management nightmare and tail light, new tires

first test run!

day 5 - all donor, grip, bindings, tmp case

bindings from trampa, davega from prototypo

after lots of cleaning, and before griptape

currently waiting for the battery. I’ve temporarily used 12S prototype case with the smaller ubox. at least I can test the mechanics.

top speed is a miserable 30kph, but its hella strong. unfortunatelly you cannot really notice it, as you reach top speed sooner than you feel the joy. it’s nice to have the sensors for once. HFI is cool and shit, but its still a hack compared to the sensors :smiley:

I thought I’ll keep the bindings from the previous board. but they are noisy. after upgradint from chains, I finally notice the ratteling of the buckle :frowning: I dont know what might be good. I’ve previosly had the MBS F5, but I didn’t feel good in that.


There is nothing out there like these drives and hub/tire combo! Truly superb ride!


They’re really nice for everyday riding but I wouldn’t recommend racing on them. Almost ate a face full of pavement.


22S on ubox doesn’t sound like a good combo…
they can barely handle 18S as it is afaik

what’s the reasoning behind the board spec choices?

very high voltage, but not even 20mph top speed,
8.5” tires, but they’re not ideal for offroading,

just curious about it :yum:


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I think rn it’s super slow since he’s testing it on 12s before he has his 22s pack done


oh i guess so, calc says loaded speed of 33, that’s not bad

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hey, is that the not-yet-released 2 stage drive? I saw that on instagram, I wanted those with the 7490 reachers :smiley:

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what’s the issue there? I want it for daily commuting in traffic, however that sometimes borderlines with racing when I hurry too much :smiley:

exactly :slight_smile: for now it’s on 12s with 75v ubox. once the new battery arrives it will be 22s with 100v ubox. I suppose I didn’t make a mistake in those voltages?

I also got the pinnions for 1:4 ratio, however that will require pressing out the current pinions which is sometning I’m not looking forward. if there is not much speed in the end, I might need to do it regardless

here it the calc of the final configuration on 22s with 1:5. I suppose 59kph is sufficient for me at the moment. so I’d rather put all the remaining power to torque.


ubox is not a very good 100V controller, which is really only good for 18S
anything over with regen and you risk blowing it, though you could technically stretch it on 20S, but i’d only do that on say a maker x or stormcore maybe

if you turn regen braking off, only then can you run 22s, but of course spintend won’t tell you that. and of course you can’t turn regen off on esk8 because an alternative braking solution is extremely rare and obscure
it is plagued with issues and is (in a lot of eyes) very temperamental even in normal working condition

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oh crap. any alternatives? :smiley: that is very good information very, very late :smiley:

it it possible that it can handle that unit from unit? or does it depend on duty cycle limit?

none that will do 22s, you’re better working down to 20S to prevent blowing your esc
i’m no expert on the fuckies of escs, but i do know that voltage spikes can very easily go past the limit if you don’t allow enough headroom to account for them. (eg why a lot of 60V controllers rste to only 12S and 100V controllers rate to mainly 18S.)
Spikes may peak past 100V in such a short amount of time that the controller can’t detect it and bam

now you got a board that is no longer functioning and may or may not be throwing you onto the lovely canvas of road

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One thing I’d add is that I think most “100v” vescs are really only rated for 18s Max due to what poast mentions ^

Like the Stormcore 100d for example

These will probably do 22s reliably, but they’re huge and expensive


not to mention to need 2

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We are working on this project, soon we will release 2 stage drive :wink:


hello fellas!

well, it’s been a good two weeks.

I’ve finished just before our autumn ride.

I’ve had some problems integrating all the parts together, so I’m currently just with davega (ennoid apart)

22S is so far quite nice. and quiet it is. love the GD. the trucks and rims are so ballin. this finally looks like the “grownup” board.


abs max current 150A
motor/battery 100/-65A
hyst mode, reverse erpm 5000
25PSI pressure

the consumption is quite horrific - ~28Wh/km. I’ve been getting 23 on it when It was just on 12s. ~22 on previuous boards

so its about 40km (with slightly undercharged battery) at ~55kph. I’m still affraid to push it. I’d like to measure and test the powercurves experimentally, not with my health and body :smiley:

its a great board as is, but I wan’t to get to the finish line

  • clean it - it should be also nice to look at
  • find out what rattles inside - I suspect the spare xt90 to the battery
  • connect the “always-on” part of the rear light
  • possibly make better mount for the rear light
  • make mount for front light
  • connect ennoid and metrPro without corrupting stability
  • make the charger more silent by swapping fans to two 120mm


I’m going to give the MakerX D100s a try on my next 18s build. It’s supposed to be good up to 21s.

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