3000W 0-120V 0-25A LTO charger - got it, it's nice, need to know more about it

it is this charger - 0 120V 0 25A LTO lifepo4 lithium3000W Adjustable battery charger 24V 36V 48V 15A 20A 30A 50A 60A 42V 60V 72V 84V 25A charger|Chargers| - AliExpress

screenshots and parameters for when the post is offline

Product Descriptions:

  • Model TK-XNY-A003 aluminum case smart charger
  • Shell material: Aluminum
  • Dismensions :40126270mm
  • Charger Weight : 1.9kg about
  • Maximum output watt 3000W
  • Input voltage 110-230V
  • Rated input voltage 110-230v 50-60 Hz
  • Highest output voltage 84V +/- 0.2Vdc
  • Error range +/- 0.2V
  • Output Current 0-25A
  • Error range +/- 0.2A
  • Smart charging modes (Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV)
  • Constant current CC 0-25A
  • Constant Voltage CV 0-120V
  • Protection features:
  • Over voltage Protection Yes
  • Voltage Limit protection, Yes
  • Short circuit protection, Yes
  • Current limit protection Yes
  • Charging indicator
  • Power supply LED1: Red
  • Charging LED2: Red
  • Full Charged LED2:Green
  • OEM services : We provide. Can customize voltage and current .please contact us !
  • Charger AC plug: We provide EU AU US plugs , we will choose type fits your country.or you can leave a message tell us .Output plug ,please check picture blow
  • Item name : lithium LTO lifepo4 battery 0-25A 0-120V aluminum case charger

well, I was keen to get some more information about how to use the charger, and what features it has - that typical DIY tinkering spirit - knowing all the features.

seems that the seller has no manual on hand, so I’ll try you guys :smiley:

what I figured out myself:

  1. by clicking the pot, the LED changes between red, blue and green
    • when blue lights, you change current
    • red is for voltage
    • green does nothing I’m aware of
  2. rotating changes the value. it has some “velocity” to it, so the faster you move it, the faster it increases. nonetheless, it is not very responsive or comfortable to use
  3. you can long-click the knob, you go to some “menu”, no clue what it does
    • makes the LED RGB for some reason, then turning it, the LED rotates like 6 colors. no clue what this does
    • clicking here makes nothing I’m aware of
    • longpress gets you back to you the base red-blue-green “menu”

so my concern is that I’m using it kinda blindly - and I don’t like that. the current and voltage readings on the 7segment displays (voltage and current meters) is off by ~0.2V and up to ~0.5A.

I’ve not yet been able to charge faster than 10A, because then my neptune goes to over-current state, or it overheats. looking forward to the 25A when I’ll build something with charge bms override (funny, charge-only BMS is kinda normal, now we have to make even the charge optional throught the BMS :smiley:)

nonetheless, wires kinda beefy, and not light. the heatsink could be attached better, it seems like it’s hanging only on two screws. I’ll have to disassemble it and make it a bit stronger.

will make some 3dprited shroud for the pot and connectors, I feel like throwing this in backpack in down-facing orientation will tear them off.

so, does anybody have it? do you all the functionality?


Ok so first it is an adjustable charger up to 20S li-ion (84v) battery right?

Because title sounds misleading with the 120v thing (which would be 30S).

I tried the voltage with no load, and it goes over 100v, so imo the 30s is possible. :smiley: does not surprise me though, these are refurbished server PSUs with some additional electronics inside which controll (= reverse-engineer hack) the unit to deliver the voltage and current

I’ve been digigng into these in the past on a different units, they could be bought quite cheaply and modified for CC-CV usage. iirc it was come endless-sphere thread, chrome history returns me nothing

seems US is missing out on amps…
cheers to all EU people with 220V :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw this is a great option too: up to 20s and 12A