It is easy for beginner to buy this group kit?

It including trucks wheels and motors. But I need to assemble them together, I don’t know if it is a challenge for me…

It’s an ok kit, but the wheels are shit imo.

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Why do you say that? Is it convenient to elaborate?

There is a long thread about wheels. IMHO these wheels are not high performance wheels, these are more for people who like to cruise around the city on roads that are not always perfect smooth asphalt, yet doesn’t want to bother with pneumatics or their board can’t upgrade to pneumatics. Cloudwheels did have some issues in the past that are not 100% fixed with newer version. And the core is not abec-style which makes it harder to find pulleys if used outside the kit.

This kit might be cheaper directly from Flipsky (they will even send you 5% coupon to email if you leave things in your cart).


Cloudwheels have good reviews tho, and it’s the new core so yeah looks good to me

Quite the polarizing and useless opinion to add to this thread lmao

Cloudwheels have their ups and downs, and one of the downs being that the black cored ones have been known to break. If you find ones with the clear cores, the “Discovery” versions, they are allegedly much better.

I personally like the feel and ride quality of Cloudwheels, but they can take a few miles to really break in. You can feel the texture of the wheel at the beginning on smooth surfaces, but that does even out over time. Their grip at the beginning is meh, ending up with a solid average once they’re broken in.

That kit looks pretty alright for the price. You need to like double kingpin trucks

The new core is clear on all of them as far as I know.


Yeah I don’t know why I saw transparent hub in the first look

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yeah, it looks cool from the outside.

How about this? I like this color!!

These are MBS Rockstar Pro clones that just poped up, nobody here tried them yet. Wheels are probably ok, but with Flipsky there is always chance of bad quality when they release something new. And the price is not that great, Flipsky is usually place to buy cheap, but if you buy second hand Rockstar Pro hubs and cheap aliexpress road tires you will get better price and you won’t be risking the quality. But genuine Rockstar Pro hubs are not available in gold color.

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Maybe I am too cynical but this looks like a Flipsky rep just posting products on a different site…every product on the site is flipsky
(Sorry OP if you’re not but they’ve done it many times!)


Yeah, double kingpin trucks is great, I’m considering of the 15.22’’ one.

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I don’t know, it’s my friend told me.

Website seems like a dropshipper.


A very low key dropshipper. Can’t even pay for own domain and in their shopify domain they have “-com” in the name which is common for scammer sites (not saying that twomotor-com are scammers, but it’s weird).

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Thanks for your kind reminder, I’ll take your method.

Flipsky site also have group kit with 15inch DKP trucks and those Rockstar Pro clone wheels. We just don’t know yet about the quality of those wheels if the holes are cut precisely and if they come with wobble.

I saw the assembly video on the detail page, it’s very good. Which shaft would you recommend?

I personally prefer round shaft with keyseat over d-shaft. I think it’s easier to find pulleys for.

There are three choice of motors, 6384 motor is ok?