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ISO Battery Builders for OneWheel XR specifically

Hey guys, OneWheelBrooklyn here (actually live in Denver now) and am interested in finding someone who can reproduce a OneWheel XR battery and use superior cells to the existing ones to increase mileage and torque.

Looking for the right person or persons to help with providing the batteries to the community.

Future Motion put out a TON of bad battery packs, BMS, etc… this is a huge negative for our community many who’s batteries are dying at 40-60%.



You have a pic of what battery layout?


This is what a guy named Hector E. Arroyo did for his pack. With some modifications to the battery compartment, he upgraded to Sanyo 20700s. Unfortunately, the OW XR’s BMS won’t realize the change in cells so it will read incorrectly in the app so he installed an external battery indicator. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Edit: WARNING. FutureMotion has been notorious in reversing the positive and negative terminals in am effort to prevent any modifications. Grab a meter and verify before installing. Had one guys pack blow up.


Thanks man, I know Hector. He’s too busy to make these at the clip I’m looking at. Appreciate the photos and yeah… it’s funny to see someone ride 15 miles and only use 5% lol


Hey man, thanks for responding. Did you see the pic of the pack below? It’s exactly what I had in mind

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Yay you made it! See aren’t people here helpful?

If not having exactly what you want. We usually try to help at least.

sorry just seen the notifications. im in nevada, not sure if theres anyone closer to colorado. but i can help if needed


Shows their confidence in the next product they have to grab the buyers attention :thinking:


Hi i’ve got a onewheel and a Onewheel Plus. The plus has a malfunctioning battery. I live in Canada and with the Covid travel restrictions, I can’t cross the boarder to fedex the unit to future motion. I’m also worried about mailing in a $2000 machine at a time when total lockdown orders in california seem imminent. On top of that Fedex from Canada is so expensive that the total cost woudl exceed the value of two year old OW+. I’m wondering if someone can help me with advice or if there is a battery fixer out there who would be willing to take on the task. It has been suggested to me that a parallell group is dead. Might also be one dead cell.

I left the OW+ in the car trunk with a low charge at - 20 below. Since then, unit only operates for a minute or two It only charges to 53.8 volts (vs 58.2 for my working onewheel). It reads 100% of the charger and shuts down at 98%.

So I’m looking for advice or for a skilled battery repair person who thinks the battery can be repaired.
I’m also open to purchasing a replacement from someone who builds them. I’ve thought about the Two-X. I’m just not sure how covid has affected them and if they have stock. I’ve reached out to them via email. No answer so far.

I’m guessing I could disassemble the battery and test each cell and either fix individual cells with a single cell charger or replace the damaged cells. But I’ve never done that before and I realize that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.


Thanks pk

If it’s a plus, you can just zombie the board. Remove battery and bms then run an EGO battery to the cables for the controller. I don’t even think FM will repair a plus anymore.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a tonne of EGO batteries for my power tools. I would consider it as an extra battery but not as an only battery. Ego batteries have their own BMS that disconnects the power at low voltage (including momentary voltage drops under increased load). That would be a dangerous situation at any speed. I highly recommend against the type of modification that you proposed. It might be safe but it might not be. Might be safe is not thie kind of situation that you would want for a one-wheel.

There are plenty of people with thousands of miles on vampires boards. Ego5ah… do as you wish

OK, I did not know that. I suppose if the Onewheel computer powers down long before the EGO BMS that it might be perfectly safe. Thanks for the advice.

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You’ll get the nose coming up like normal when the battery is almost dead.

Got it. Thanks.

@ShutterShock Hey Ryan: You posted a picture of a single cell Lipo charger. Where did you buy it? I’d like to buy one for Lipo cells and another for Lion Cells.

Thanks pk

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This is similar to the one I am using I believe - the one I have is actually a 2 cell 18650 charger, Lipo and liion have the same end charge voltage

Thanks Ryan:

I was asking because of the picture of a lipo cell charger that you posted in your frankenwheel thread (see below).

The little circuit board that you show in your picture. Is that something that you removed from a two cell charger. That’s pretty smart if that’s what you did.

So should I buy the two cell charger that you gave me a link to and connect up some leads? Or is the item in the picuture something different?

I want to do exactly the same thing that you did in the picture except with 18650 cells.

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Oh right I got you, that’s just a simple single cell PCB from Aliexpress. TP4068

I haven’t had any issues with them except I believe mine usually charge to 4.1V and I fried one (my fault I hooked it up backwards by accident)

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I checked the Ali link. The sell the exact same unit for Lipo and for 18650. Which I should have guessed since its called “18650 1A Lipo…” Somehow I missed that.

I ordered 5. Super cheap. Less than $5.00 canadian including shipping.

thanks for your guidance.

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