Is this a good bet?

I don’t know what other category to put this in so here goes.

I have a 6364 190kv motor single drive hooked up to my board, but right now I’m running 4s lipo. I’m looking to get a prebuilt battery with good range and power because this board is both for fun and commuting. I don’t think I need anything more than 10s, so thats my top end in terms of voltage.

Does anyone know any good deals on 10s or 8s batteries with good capacity? I’m in the US, so a lot of those nice UK companies seem way too far but I might be wrong.

Lastly, is this site/company reputable? It has a dang good battery deal.





Yes, run screaming and tripping from diyeboards in general, and especially their batteries. Metroboard is having a killer sale at the moment. 10s will give you WAY more options, so stick with this target.

Some questions:

  1. Are you planning on keeping your current enclosure or getting a new one? If the former, please share a photo.

  2. How much range are you looking for? Always cheat to the high side instead of being too conservative here.

  3. What deck do you have/are you planning on using?

  4. Any budget you’re looking to keep?


Beware of “good deals” batterys are a LOT Of work and require skill to put together properly. You can make them cheaper if you cut corners, but this will be the heart of your skate, consider saving up for a well-made battery. Or stick to lipo packs, nothing wrong with those, you can rig up 10s from 2x 5p packs and charge with your hobby charger :+1:

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If you are looking for 10s configurations and am on a budget, some pre built brands like meepo and ownboard have ready made 10s2p packs.

Metroboard has a great deal right now on high-quality batteries.


I got you fam. @thisguyhere made my battery he has grest quality battery packs and he doesnt charge you your first born as a blood sacrifice.



I know it’s been said, but just so you understand how important it is — don’t buy anything from diyeboard. They have absolute shit products that will last almost as long as a stinky fart, and they have been banned from other places for posting customer’s credit card details online if I recall correctly.


Yes, they did that very thing. At one point in esk8, they did well because there were not enough vendor options for certain gear. Now that we have better options, there is nothing they have that you can’t find better elsewhere.

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Any idea what cell they use in the 10 and 15 Mike versions. 125$ for a complete battery seems like a great deal

Well, safe to say they’re not manna like 30Q or trash like 20r. I think these are older stock, so I would guess 25r or something along those lines.

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This is what metroboard said about these cells over in the bad place. I’m guessing they’re the same ones used in those shitty hoverboards.

Nice catch. A little lower someone shares, “I bought the “10 mile thin” 10S2P battery. It’s 4.4AH. The BMS is rated for 30A.” I think those are almost dead on Meepo’s standard battery pack but in a single stack form.

So it appears to be 20r, which means half of the 10 miles range will be in sag mode. Looking less enticing.

Calling batman @b264


I emailed them asking what cells were used.

“Some use LG MH1 cells (3.2AH 10A/cell). Some use 2.2AH 8C cells.”

Guess you gotta figure the rest out based on AH rating. I think the 2.2AH are Samsung 22p


Thanks @b264 @BillGordon @Linny @BigZwatt for the advice. I lurk enough to know that I should be skeptical of these websites, but it’s good to double check.

Also, we need a list of reputable vs. non-reputable vendors or something. I know everyone has opinions on all that but still, I feel like we need one.


You’re right on the trusted vendor list. It exists, but we’re looking for ways to make it even better.

As for your needs, if you can give more details on your ride goals and current setup, you’ll get even better/more useful answers.


also of note the site is not secure, even when proceeding to checkout


I’m definitely planning on getting a new enclosure, but what I get depends on what battery I get.

I’m looking for something that can push me around locally for the day. I never use much more than 15 miles any single time but I’d like to have 20 miles of range just in case.

I have just a deck that was laying around my house that I’m using right now, but it’s not that sturdy, so I’ll probably have to switch that out too.

Jeez at this point I should just make a new board.

Budget is keyyyyyyy. I’m a poor student. I don’t make money often, but when I do it’s never enough.
I’ve got some money to throw at it, but not a lot.