Is my money gone? (Enertion)

So I have been out of the hobby for quite a while. Had other priorities so my build got put on hold.

I now notice that Enertion has gone bankrupt and seems unable to reach. I placed and order for a focbox unity last year in July, but still I have got nothing.

How do I handle this? I noticed that it has gone 180+ days since so I therefore cannot dispute with PayPal. Do I even have any options or is it all down the drain?

Sorry for the short a panicky post but 300 euro is still pretty much money to me, so it would suck major a** to see it go.


You may be lost. Can you do anything through your bank linked to PayPal?

Have you contacted PayPal to see if there are any options for you?

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I would still try to file a claim with paypal (or the bank/card you used through paypal if it wasn’t directly from paypal). If they decline then unfortunately you may be out of luck.


I just created a claim with Paypal. We will see what they have to say. I explained to them that the company kept on delaying the product and now have taken down their website. I therefore cannot contact them.

If the deny the claim I might call my bank, but I am pretty sure they cannot do anything about it since I made the payment on Paypal.

It’s a real shame it ended like this. I still think to this day that their Unity ESC was the best one ever made, and I considered it a more “premium” option compared to say Flipsky and their ESC’s.

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Did you use a credit card on paypal? If so the credit card could refund you if paypal declines.

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Btw. Paypal has a bank license

Yes, I used my card on Paypal, not with funds on Paypal.

I am not sure what this means? Please explain for a youngster not so familiar with how these things go.

it means PayPal IS a bank. They’re also a proper bank in the US. I now have a debit card with them too, kind of crazy, now I can use paypal anywhere that doesn’t take paypal. Like the liquor store.


Not everyone knows that. In Fact, it is a unknown fact.:joy:

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PayPal is definitely one of the last institutions you want all of your ducks under tho.


not saying to get your employer to direct deposit your check there, but it has its uses.


I typically try to diversify my ducks. Some outside, some in a barn, good amount of them at PayPal too. But I make sure to keep them in a nice row at least

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I prefer the Saudi method of buying your ducks overseas on Instagram, sitting on them, and pooping on them

I’m gonna leave it to somebody smarter than me to make the diversify yo bonds gif work


I learned all of my money management from Wu-Tang financial services


Just like giving money to Enertion, seeing Wu live sucks ass now :’(

Hurts to say that Snoop put on a show magnitudes better

Maybe this is why I’m broke…

I’d still try to open a PayPal case for an undelivered product


Ducking smart


Many, many years of liquor store runs…