Is my battery ok?

I just wanted to ask if my Battery might have some problems

I tested my board today (rode it down the street and back)
Now my Cells look like this

could i have bad/not connected batteries?

it’s a 12S14P Samsung 35E battery pack

C10 is a little low. What kind of charger are you using?

12S version of this one

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So if this is the first time youre about to charge the battery, charge it up. Once it completes its charge, allow the battery to sit on charge for maybe an hour. Check cell levels after and report back.

I did an initial charge (as high as DieBieMS is able with a 12S charger) some days ago
So you mean the first time after I used it or the first time since I built it (which I already did)?

This. Charge it up and then let it sit on charge for an hour.

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Check the cell connection, and all the cells in it i bet one is connections isnt connected properly, or one cell is damaged

ok, I’ll do this now

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that’s what I was thinking, but it’s shit to do this with @winfly’s modules

I kind of doubt this. Its more or less just an unbalanced group. If it was a connection issue, I bet his post would be more “my board just threw me! Help!”

Picture of your pack?


Nicely done sir!

Do you have access to a 1s charger?

You can easily charge that group back to within the rest if you do.

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thanks :blush:
nope, I only have the 12S charger

I would just plug it in and let the BMS do it’s job?

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You can do as I mentioned above with using your current charger. There is NO guarantee that it will balance out though.

Let me find a link for you

You can tell diebiems to balance the pack even with no charger connected, no?

It comes in an 8 pack.


It’s a charge/discharge bms, so I thought it should keep the pack balanced all the time
but i’ll shortly check in the settings

the default generic bms behavior is to enter “balance” mode when pack is about full. diebiems is a lot smarter than generic, and I believe all behaviors are configurable. You’re the boss.

If a group gets unbalanced enough, a standard charger will struggle with balancing