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Is 125MM A Waste Size for All Terrain Wheel?

I tried two types of airless 105mm wheels. AE board 105mm, Bound motor 105mm. The rotation balance is too bad for all. Also, it is difficult to insert the bearing.
Why is the accuracy so bad?

Urethane wheels are good from the United States.

i’ll betcha bucks Slick doesn’t make their own…

Of course they don’t. They are just one of the leading clowns driving the Chinese made 105mm - 125mm rubberized wheel bandwagon.


Nah mate Slick was using foamies before they even became “cloudwheels” they’ve had their “rough stuff” branding for years now.

I also would say that their board offerings are pretty decent, not just run of the mill stuff.

OK, you are right .Many clone designs in China , maybe there is something about the Boosted shut-down.
I think what you need is an inovation one, but I’m just trying to push product.
New design comes step by step.
And I didn’t see our new size anywhere else.

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I think I should save my replies :roll_eyes:

@whaddys @pixelsilva @Somebody else
Anybody want to try?
Just message me :slightly_smiling_face:


I would but I have a very broken ankle my dude :neutral_face:

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You should probably set some criteria for your testers?

For instance, I’d volunteer, but for being fairly light duty in terms of abuse (light weight, low power, mostly clean-ish road use) probably wouldn’t be giving much of a durability review and probably a bit harsher in rating the wheel’s comfort

Usually we like our testers for new vendors to be “Trust level 3” or regular. We can trust these members more and have an idea about their writing and reporting capabilities in a higher level.

I agree that he didn’t say what kind of parameters are on the test, but there are certain ways to test a new product without knowing the parameters.

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New design comes step by step. And I didn’t see our new size anywhere else.

I agree with you on this one. Manufacturers haven’t addressed this dilemma properly. There is still a huge gap in the upper urethane wheel sizes and the lower pneumatic tire sizes between 120mm (4.7" inch) and 152mm (6" inch) that they needed to exploit. Barely a scratch.

I think few ones like for example Hoyt St. are coming up with new 5" inch pneumatic tires; and Torqueboards is exploring the segment with a new 130mm (5.1" inch) urethane wheel.

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Apparently I haven’t checked the badges in a while…

I saw you reference the test squad, but didn’t realize there’s an actual badge associated with it

I think test squad seems like a more robust bar (and rightfully limited) to rely on over the regular badge that can be gamed by an account that’s otherwise largely dead/lurking.

Back to the point at hand, I think there was talk at one point about a standardized form for feedback for wheels specifically. Not sure if anything ever came out of that.

OT: the devotee badge is an impressive one. Of course @b264 has the first one, because Brian.

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Haha yeah it’s kinda neat. It helps set a standard for writing and reporting to know that if a vendor sends an individual their product, that they will get actual useful results. e.g. not “The wheels were good, I rode them 15 miles the other day”

I’m also an Amazon Vine reviewer, been doing this for a while haha

Devotee is pretty interesting, I was wondering how long it would be before I got it, I missed a few days last July because of international travel, otherwise I would have had it earlier I think

Totally. It’s important to protect both the potential buyers and the sellers from people just looking for a handout.

TBH, I’m thinking I’ll need a concentrated effort if I even want Aficionado :rofl:

Between ignoring the signs of the old forum coming crashing down to jump ship and coin flip weekend logins, it’s probably not going to happen by chance. (don’t remember if the great firewall likes this site or not)

Pity there’s not a page of metrics for your own activity. I think I remember Bill mentioning that the mods can see that one for the insufferably curious…

Great Pity

Sorry for your waiting @ZachTetra @Taraskasyanyuk @Fosterqc
I drove to our factory yesterday to get some photos,

Yes, actually no spoken, and it’s excatly some kind of Boundmotor.
It’s made of aluminum alloy, heavier than I thought.


Hello Sir, but how can I get the certification from a website tester?
All I can refer is your visited days in ESK8 and your boards pictures .
Formal parameters should be tested before sale and be put on our store.
I need some veteran DIYers for the test of riding feeling and some thoughts from the users, some won’t broke there arms due to the badly mounting at least.


Those pics look nice. Would you be able to get another picture of the pulley installed? I think it is sitting upside down on the wheel but it is hard to tell from the angle.

When I get my pair for testing I’ll weigh them so everyone can know the weight. Good to know that they are aluminum, I wonder what alloy though. Probably 6061, hopefully not less. I am happy to see there are no holes in the spokes though.

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I’ll refer you to this:

How you want to gather that feedback is up to you. You’ll improve your reputation within the community if everything is transparent and feedback is in a thread like this one.

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Yah which this really should be in Vendor Corner, but I can’t move it, a mod needs to haha

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So it seems that John is currently MIA. I’ve started my review thread here, since I’ve got the wheels in hand, feel free to ask any questions there.

I’m waiting on John to respond to some questions. Maybe I will try contacting Stak and see if that helps

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