Is 125MM A Waste Size for All Terrain Wheel?

Is 125MM A Waste Size for All Terrain Wheel?

Hi Builders!

What do you think the right size for an all-terrain board?

Mostly I see you equip your board with 100 or 105’s or more than 160mm heavy pneumatic tires, but don’t you think these are too small for crossing bad roads with gravels or grass or too huge to run on a street road?

And finally I got the Exway 120D Cloud Wheels, which may be the proper one with both the right size and the cool appearance, anyway I can see their ads everywhere :smiley:

But, recently I find a 125mm Rubber Tire like below, it’s really really uncommon!

Yes, I just tried to push things,sorry for taking your time

But if you are interested in our new wheel, pls leave your comment below, we will pick up about 12 trustworthy builders to send said wheels for user evaluation.

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yeah, I want to try

So uh…how do you get a wheel pulley on this?


It seems we have to post it together

I mean if you are offering to send them with pulleys I could try them and give a good evaluation.

I’d be interested to see how much of a range cut these take


My first thought too.

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I suppose you could design and print a pulley, but the design of the wheel isn’t really conducive to that. They do look pretty cool though

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I saw the same ones with kegel core holes in the middle

also that same rubber tread is used on some hub motors I thought


Same, yeah they look familiar

This product page doesn’t show a kegel holes one tho

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looks very close but 105mm only

That is not a lot of meat on that spoke…it’s gonna shear like a Baja


omg yeah… why still remove all the material around those holes :point_up:t2: :scream:

Its so thin it looks like the holes were photoshopped lmao

Maybe Boundmotor gets their wheels from this factory


No they are real…

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pretty fucking good PS… nah looks real.

Yeah somewhere someone is making these haha.

and they like thin spokes

Oh I know haha I was just saying like wow to machine that thin is risky anyway, surely it would be better to leave more material

@Fosterqc lmao ya, I mean the spokes are probably fine though unless you’re really heavy. Spokes on cars sometimes are ridiculously thin too

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When you look from the side it doesn’t look as sketchy. The holes are doubt inflicting though on the Boundmotor version


haha why can they not use the 5 semi-circles on the inside of the spokes to bolt through…



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boundmotor sells drive pulley for that type of core if anyone is planing on getting those

Also about those thin walls for spokes…well

lastly, is this a vendor corner or what?